Dogs I’ll Meet in Heaven

Dogs I’ll Meet in Heaven

Dogs I’ll Meet in Heaven

I was thinking, all week long, about dogs I’ll meet in Heaven. Mostly because Flash and Patches are in pain and I’m questioning when the right time will be to send them across the Rainbow Bridge. I feel like such a bad dog mom right now. But here in Tulsa we’re experiencing a week of thunderstorms, so their joints hurt more than usual (the atmospheric pressure changes cause their joints to hurt more, so it’s temporary). They get their pain pills and joint supplements, but it’s not quite enough. This morning they also got a calming essential oil blend rubbed into the fur along their face, and that seemed to help, actually. Bullet dodged another day.

Good dogs get Jones Natural Chews all natural bones - I hope Patches is one of the dogs I'll meet in Heaven
Patches and her white face – high on the list of dogs I’ll meet in Heaven, I hope. Do you think there will be Jones Natural Chews in Heaven? Dogs probably hope so.

But like I said, I’ve been thinking about the dogs I’ll meet in Heaven. In my near-50 years of life, I’ve had only nine dogs that I can remember. I know that I’ll see all of them there. They’ve all been very good dogs. Well, my pudgy Gadget is a dork, but he’s still a good dog.

Dogs I'll meet in Heaven include this dork of a mutt, Gadget
Gadget is most definitely one of the dogs I’ll meet in Heaven, right?

The Dogs I’ve Met Along the Way

But will I see other dogs in Heaven? How does Heaven work, anyway? I haven’t researched this, people, but I suspect I wouldn’t find definitive information. So let me show you some dogs I’ve loved along the way and am hoping to see in Heaven. Some of them may be your dogs. The first one is Sugar, my friend’s Golden Retriever who just passed, just shy of her 16th birthday. I hope to see Sugar there. Her Golden Woofs will greet everyone coming through the Pearly Gates, I suspect.

Sugar the Golden is in treat heaven! Do you know how much to give your dog when it comes to treats?
I loved Sugar’s wink and smile. She just glowed all the time.

So many dogs – I may know more dogs in my lifetime than I know people. Heaven will be FULL if all the dogs we’ve known and loved are there, yes? Say hello to a known favorite, Kato Jack.

Am I really a good dog? Friday Dog Funnies
That existential question that all dogs must be asking themselves – Am I really a good dog?

Kato Jack will be there. Of course, Kato Jack won’t cross the Rainbow Bridge for a very long time, so who knows?

Give us a kiss at the mini BlogPaws in Tulsa
Louie the French Dog will be in Heaven. So will Jimmy. Wait. Do ducks go to Heaven?!?

Louie, spokesdog for the French Dog Boutique, will be there. But will he be sporting his custom made bow ties? And seriously – will there be ducks in Heaven? Will Jimmy be there? If so, that opens the door to all kinds of things. Will ostriches be in Heaven? Will sugar gliders? How about snakes? Maybe not snakes, given the whole Garden of Eden thing. But mosquitoes? Will mosquitoes be in Heaven? See my dilemma? Yellow jackets. Goodness. I’m glad that I’m not the one deciding these things.

Senior Dogs and Earthly Dilemmas

Seriously, though, my senior dogs have given me a very real and earthly dilemma. We play this pain management thing on a daily basis. I have to consider things like weather, since it adversely effects them. For instance, at 15, with this much pain, thunderstorms looming, at least a week worth of storms in the forecast, is it fair to them to keep them hanging on? Is that cruel? On the other hand, the pain pills and joint supplements and shot they recently got – all of that seems to help. Mostly. Y’all, I’m torn. So torn. And Hunny and I have discussed going together with them at the end. Just not sure when that should be. *sigh* I really hate this part of being a dog parent. Hate it.

Sorry to be such a downer. This is life. We’ll muddle through it. In fact, my friend Carol wrote an article recently which I haven’t been brave enough to read. It’s about her heart dog and How to Get Over the Death of a Dog. Here’s the link, in case you’re brave enough. I just can’t right now.


Let’s discuss something more cheery, shall we? A giveaway! Everyone loves a good giveaway, especially when it’s some of the best darn dog treats in existence! Jones Natural Chews is currently giving some lucky dog their very own Heartbreakers, pork heart strips your dog will love! As long as they’re going to rip out a piece of our hearts when they pass, we might as well give them Heartbreakers, right? Wow. Morbid much? Sorry. I should stop now and just let you enter the giveaway by clicking this sentence, reading the new post which will open, then following the directions.

Jones Natural Chews Heartbreaker drives dogs to distraction
Heartbreaker, Dream Maker, Love Taker – treat your dog to happiness with these pork heart strips from Jones Natural Chews

On that note, I’ll encourage you to give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Treat your dog to happiness. Send a little happiness my way while you’re at it, will ya?

Spreading the good chews …


6 thoughts on “Dogs I’ll Meet in Heaven

  1. This is timely because we had to send our dog, Kouga over the rainbow bridge this week. He had cancer and we couldn’t let him suffer.

  2. You’ve meet some sweet dogs. I’m sorry your pets are getting older and more pain. It’s hard to know when the time is here.

  3. It’s always a tough decision, but I think they generally let you know when they’re ready. Thoughts and prayers. And if you think it’s not time yet, CBD oil helps tremendously with achy joints.

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