Dogs Eating, FBM 5

Dogs Eating, FBM 5

Dogs Eating, the Videos

I’m in the hospital, so today’s post is a gently used one from 2013. Pray for me!

Dogs eating on Funny Bone Monday? Today I bring you fun videos of dogs and food! Why dogs and food? Because it’s the first Monday of the new year and I am NOT making an eating resolution! Even though I could stand to lose a boat load of weight …

That said, these first dogs have made a great healthy resolution and are chowing down on some great ruff-age!

Okay, I know this next isn’t food, but salsa is ALSO food. And the dog is in a restaurant. Seriously? I don’t think this is real. From the movement of the human’s arm, it looks pretty edited. But very cool.

And if this isn’t the sweetest dog and food story ever –

Bella has an enlarged esophagus and can’t eat horizontally. How cool is her chair? And her normal life despite her congenital issue? Way cool.

Little Honey here has her priorities in order. And she’s darn cute for a little dog.

And if this next one doesn’t make you want a Corgi, I don’t know what will. Oh my dog.

Y’all, this last one is beautiful. Just gorgeous. And I have to tell you that it would be even more beautiful if these dogs were catching JNC Windee Rings. True story.


Before you go, take a moment to enter the Jones Natural Chews Bandit’s Bone giveaway. Click on this sentence, scroll to Rafflecopter in the new window, click and follow instructions. Your dog will thank you.

And that’s all I’ve got! Now get outta here. Go lead productive lives. Scratch your dog behind the ears. Git!

Spreading the good chews …


Oh! I was playing around with Honey’s photo this weekend. I know it’s an older meme, but the creative juices weren’t flowing so much.

Dogs eating

9 thoughts on “Dogs Eating, FBM 5

  1. Dog eating cabbage – My Maya did that! She pulled up and ate cabbage and broccoli from our garden and she ate some tomatoes too. Being color blind, she couldn’t tell the difference between the red ones and the green ones so I found a bunch of half-chewed green tomatoes all over the ground. Bella in chair – I love how they accommodated for her disorder. Dog prays – That is just too cute. And the Keltic Dinner Dance was too funny!
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  2. Hope you get to feeling better soon and get sprung from the joint! 😉 Prayers for healing.

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