Dogs Can’t Even, FBM 236

Dogs Can’t Even, FBM 236

Dogs Can’t Even

Happy Funny Bone Monday, and welcome to Dogs Can’t Even! Before we launch into our funny dog videos, I want you to finish this sentence: My dog can’t even ______. I’ll go first. My dogs can’t even go outside without being attacked by a duck. Poor dogs. How about your dogs? What can’t they do? I don’t think that’s really what the statement means. I can’t even! But let’s laugh at some dog videos, shall we? It’s what we do best on a Monday. We’ll start with dogs who can’t even handle stairs.

My favorite is the St. Bernard being carried down the stairs. I can’t even. This next dog can’t even be bothered to get up and save his food from the cat. I’m pretty sure the dog knows better than to take the cat lightly.

Now, if that had been Jones Natural Chews in the bowl, it would have been a whooooole different story. That cat would sure as heck know better. Finally, how many of you have had the following experience, where your dog can’t even make eye contact because of something it did when you weren’t home? I’ll bet most of you. It’s happened to me.

Her bed. The dog destroyed her bed. I’d be laughing and crying.


Speaking of laughing and crying, one person will be laughing and smiling at this announcement. Dogs everywhere will be crying because they didn’t win. Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Here’s where I announce the winner of the Jones Natural Chews Bully n Beef Wrap giveaway. And the winner is …

Mrs. Molly Pitcher!!

Congratulations! The tweets and the follows really pay off! I love giving things away, and I especially love giving away Jones Natural Chews! Come back tomorrow for another giveaway! In the meantime? Treat your dog to happiness. Give it Jones.

Spreading the good chews …


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