Doggy Kisses are the Best

Doggy Kisses are the Best

Doggy Kisses are the Best

Today’s post is lightly recycled, since these photos from the early days of the blog are so adorably cute. My nephew, pictured here, only has fish as pets. Doggy kisses were a new thing for him. And as we all know, doggy kisses are the best.
Hi Goggie!

Dog, it’s Wordless Wednesday. No barking.

Wordless Wednesday needs no words
Hey, wait a minute. Two goggies?
No kisses! Doggy kisses are the best, but there's no convincing Calum of that.
Just because you can’t bark doesn’t mean you can kiss! Stop it! No doggy kisses!
The doggies are gone
But … but … where did the goggies go?
Wordless Chicken
Now this is more like it. No kisses from a chicken.

Precocious Child

Nothing is as precocious as a two year old. A two year old and a dog, or a chicken, cross the line into precious. What’s your favorite precocious child moment? Or doggy kisses moment? I’m wondering if we can manufacture these moments without being creepy. You know, like take our dogs to the park and let them seek out small children to lick and romp with. Take plenty of photos and blog about it. Probably not. I know my Chewy and Gadget would love it, though. They go bananas for little kids. Almost as wild as they are for Jones Natural Chews. Almost. Not quite.

Waiting on a Wheezer Stick from Jones Natural Chews
Kids! Treats! Kids! Treats! I choose treats!

My chickens, on the other hand, go wild for just a handful of things – grubs from the garden, shredded coconut, and Jones chicken Tender Taffy. Yeppers – they LOVE chicken jerky from Jones Natural Chews. We live in a sick, twisted world, people. I’m just here taking pictures and smiling.

Is the chicken taffy good? Just ask my hens and they'll say yes to Jones Natural Chews!
I’m not gonna lie – the chickens like the Chicken Taffy almost as much as dogs do.


So I can’t take random, staged photos of strangers’ kids playing with, or being knocked down by, my dogs. What I can do is give away treats. I’m really good at that and like it almost as much as I like the first activity. What’s not to love? Giveaways involve Jones Natural Chews – which are the very best dog treats ever made – and dogs. Dogs are known to be the best pets and friends anyone can have. That’s a fact. I just made it up, but it’s a fact. I’m making up a lot of things today, but I’m not making up the giveaways. They’re real. I’m also not making up the whole best treats ever.

Jones Natural Chews are – and this is verifiably true – 100% certified grown and made in America. Every single little scrap of a treat, from conception to packaging, takes place on US soil. They’re also 100% all natural, as in, there are ZERO artificial ingredients. In addition, all of Jones’ treats are single or low ingredient treats, and the only ingredient, or main ingredient, is meat. We’re all about the real stuff, and we’re all about meat. About that I wouldn’t lie.

So let’s enter to win two of these amazing treats, okay? First you’ll want to pop over to Life With Beagle and enter to win a Center Bone from Jones Natural Chews, keeping your dog busy while your kid goes back to school. Second you’ll want to enter the Heart Breakers giveaway here, since these pork heart strips are irresistible to dogs everywhere. Both giveaways are for single ingredient treats, which you’ll appreciate.

Now go, give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


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