Dog Treat Bucket Giveaway

Dog Treat Bucket Giveaway

Dog Treat Bucket Giveaway

It’s October, which means that Jones Natural Chews is once again giving some lucky dog their very own dog treat bucket, the Bow Wow Boo Bucket! This is one of my favorite perennial giveaways, since it has nine delicious, meaty treats inside, and the bucket is reusable for trick or treating! Take a look at the dog treat bucket:

Bow Wow Boo Bucket from Jones Natural Chews - Dog Treat Bucket Giveaway
Bow Wow Boo Bucket from Jones Natural Chews – Treat your dog to happiness.

What’s in a Bow Wow Boo Bucket?

The treats inside are almost all single ingredient treats. They are as follows:

  • Six inch Windee – this is a single ingredient treat, a cow trachea. It’s the highest natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, so it’s great for senior dogs, or just dogs with hip and joint issues. Plus? Dogs think it’s super yummy.
  • Knee Cap – this is the knee cap from a cow, so it’s beef. The Knee Cap is best for small to medium size dogs, and it’s super sturdy, since it’s a rounded bone. Also? Covered in meaty bits dogs can’t resist.
  • Hoof – oh my goodness, this is a cow’s toenail. Dogs go BANANAS over the hoof. They may not initially, but once your dog discovers this single ingredient treat it will keep coming back to it. Being toenail instead of bone, it’s a great dental chew for dogs with sensitive teeth.
  • Two Lambly Links – this treat snaps easily for training purposes, and dogs love it. It’s a great alternative for dogs allergic to traditional meats. One of our few multi ingredient treats, it has lamb, lamb lung, rye flour, salt, and natural liquid smoke flavoring in a collagen casing. That’s a lot of ingredients for a Jones chew. Six. Six whole ingredients, the first two being meat.
  • K9 Bacon Roll – this single ingredient treat is just baked pork skin. It’s a longer chew for smaller dogs. Looks like your dog is smoking a cigar. How cool will your dog be?!? Pretty hipster.
  • The Other Ear – this is a pork chin and a single ingredient treat. Your dog will go nuts for this baked meat treat.
  • Two Woofers – also single ingredient treats, these are just ground beef hamburger patties that are baked till dry. No dog I know can resist these.

How Do You Get a Dog Treat Bucket?

I know you were asking yourself that question, right? How do YOU get a dog treat bucket – the Bow Wow Boo Bucket – for your dog? This dog was asking that question and it just showed up at his house.

Bosco said yes to Jones Natural Chews Windee
Bosco said yes to the Jones Natural Chews Windee which comes in the dog treat bucket

But for you? There are several ways. You can head to your local feed or pet store and look for them (check our store locator to make sure a store near you carries our products). You can order one online and get it in time to take your dog trick or treating, either at Natural Dog Treat Shop, or Jeffers Pets. Or you can enter our fantabulous giveaway!! In order to do that, you’ll just click on the box below and follow directions. It does involve leaving a comment on this post, but for extra points (which increase your chances of winning), you’ll want to do more than just comment. Tweeting about the giveaway daily probably does the most in terms of chance of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and paws crossed! Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


29 thoughts on “Dog Treat Bucket Giveaway

  1. I’m not sure yet what my two boy Coonhounds will be dressing up as, but my girl, Kyoko, just got her Wonder Woman costume in the mail today. As for the cats, I don’t want to stress my old (and sick) girl so she won’t get anything, but my one-year-old kitty, Kotoha, will wear the pretty little dress I bought for her at a festival last month. My daughter’s cat, Arata – I bought a hat for him and we’re going to have him dress as Carl from The Walking Dead.

  2. Yes Coco will be dressing up for Halloween. Sometimes she actually wears more than one costume on Halloween b/c I have so many costumes for her. I bought her the Wonder Woman costume this year. I think she also has another costume though that she didn’t wear last year. I have to go through her closet LOL!

  3. Bessie, my Basset minion, is already salivating! I think she’s getting droolies on my black furrs as I paw this message! She is kind to me & protects my yard, that doggie, so I would like to try & win her a Bow Wow Boo Bucket. I might even like to take a nibble even though I’m a kitty. Mew Mew!
    Valentine recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: The Black KnightMy Profile

  4. have not decided as yet, looking for a small red flyer cart so depends on if i can find one at a good price. they are very expensive.

  5. No, I would love to dress them up but neither of them tolerate costumes very well, lol. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. Of course my gang dresses up, haven’t figured out what yet. That’s a whole Lotta loot in that bucket.

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