Dog People are the Best People

Dog People are the Best People

Dog People are the Best People

Yes, “Dog people are the best people” is a totally subjective statement. I know you cat people are getting your knickers in a twist about now. And you fish people. And you bald eagle people. Whatevs. Dog people are so totally the best people. And here’s why.

Six Reasons Dog People are Better

  • Dog people come pre-covered in dog hair – we blend into almost every setting. You should see my black, satin ball gown (I do too have a black, satin ball gown). I have dogs with black, white and brown hair. I can wear nearly any accessory with this gown.
  • Dog people don’t get worked up if a friend or their house smells funny. Our dogs eat poop, roll in dead things, and go weeks without a bath. It’s nearly impossible to be offended by odors at this point.
  • While dogs make a habit of sniffing each other’s butts, their owners won’t do that to each other. Most of the time. I’m not implying that other pet owners will sniff butts, but I’m not saying that they don’t either. A study needs to be done …
  • Dog owners will talk about just about anything without fear. Anal glands infected? Yep. Barfing dog? Yep. Dog eating its own barf? Totally. Dog eating poop? We’ll tell you what animal it belonged to and how fresh it was. Flexible leashes? DON’T GET US STARTED. You see my point.
  • We have our very own parks. Dog parks aren’t only for dogs. They’re a great way to socialize introverted humans, getting them out into the world. You cat people can’t really claim that privilege.
  • Speaking of cats vs dogs, dog people naturally get more exercise, since we walk our dogs. Do you walk your cat? If you do, you’re probably a freak. No, I’m not being judgmental and mean. Okay, yes. Yes I am.

Wait a Minute …

I’m reading back over my list and thinking it’s not making the most convincing argument. Don’t get me wrong – I stand by everything I just said. And I believe they’re all valid arguments for why dog people are better. But some people may not see it that way. Especially cat people. You bald eagle people are on your own. All kidding aside (you know I’ve been kidding, right?), I have one last, and very valid, reason why dog people are the best people.

You read that right. We don’t make cat treats or fish treats, or even bald eagle treats. We only make dog treats. And they’re seriously the best darn dog treats on the planet. Our treats are mostly meat, if not completely. They’re 100% all natural, as well as 100% grown and produced in the USA. Jones people are dog people. We pour our heart and soul into making dogs happy. Which, in turn, makes dog people happy.


Speaking of making dog people happy, we’re currently hosting a Jones Natural Chews giveaway! We’re giving away the newest treats, which are pretty amazing for training puppies and rewarding any age dog – Snapz. These coin size flat treats will make your dog smile. To enter to win, simply click this sentence, scroll down in the new window, click on the entry box, and do what it says. Remember, tweeting about the giveaway daily racks up the points! Now go be a good dog people and give your dog a Jones Natural Chew.

Spreading the good chews …


6 thoughts on “Dog People are the Best People

  1. We are thankful Mom came to her senses at some point. Can you believe the first half of her life she was a cat person, and as a little girl didn’t like dogs! Now she has come way the other direction and can actually imagine a life with only dogs and no cats! I think she probably will always have one around, but they sure cause trouble waking us so early, stealing stuff, etc. Dogs and dog people are the best!
    Emma recently posted..Hounds! Make Room For The GBGV!My Profile

  2. Dog people are so much better than cat people shhhh don’t tell them although I did have 3 cats for a long time, but I found that one of the easiest ways to meeting people when you move to a new city is to have a dog because everyone becomes like a family in the dog park especially ours and its great. I am so blessed to have had Baby RIP when I arrived here in SF and now Layla – Life is great with it

  3. i am a dog person and a horse person. i was never really a cat person, but i like cats too, they just shed too much, and i dont like the litter everywhere. i would love to have a big cat. but my girls would not like it at all. i like that my dogs always want to be with me, get upset when i leave, and cant wait for me to return, they are waiting at the door as soon as they see my car coming down the long driveway. they just seem to know it is me.

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