Dog Father’s Day

Dog Father’s Day

Dog Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this weekend, and most of us have spayed and neutered pups, so a dog Father’s Day might sound a little silly. But what if your dog had a driver’s license, or surfed the internets, and wanted to get you a Father’s Day gift? What would your dog buy? Indulge me.

The Ultimate Gift

I think that the ultimate gift, in a dog’s eyes, would be this Frisbee Golf Crate from Man Crates.

Frisbee Golf Crate for Father's Day
Image from Man Crates

I can just see it now – your dog is all excited that daddy is home, ready to play some disc golf, the dog intercepting every throw and retrieving discs that are over-thrown. It’s doggy heaven! The perfect Father’s Day gift!

That might be a little too pricey for your dog’s budget. Not that your dog doesn’t love you enough to get you the very best, but unless it’s a working dog, the allowance might not be enough to get the disc golf set. And let’s be honest, dogs don’t save well. Today is probably the first time your dog is aware that Father’s Day is this weekend. So let’s take a look at the cheap dog’s ultimate gift, from WalMart.

Tennis Balls from WalMart for Father's Day
Tennis Balls from WalMart are two bucks

Not So Active

But what if your dog isn’t the active type? Be honest, some dogs just aren’t athletes. Some dads aren’t, either. And that’s okay! But what would your non-active dog get you for Father’s Day? Going out on a limb, here, but I’m thinking the discerning dog would head to the closest feed store and grab a 20 piece Variety Bag from Jones Natural Chews. Your dog knows that dad loves bacon and all things meat. Of course, your dog would be a little misguided, since Jones treats aren’t for humans, but we’ll forgive and let the pup have what’s in the bag. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Jones Natural Chews Variety Bag for Father's Day?

This just means that you, the not-dad, need to run out and grab some steaks for the dad for Father’s Day. Or take him out to dinner. Then come home to snuggles with the dog. And dad can have the pleasure of giving the dog treats from the Variety Bag, which is really what dad wanted to do anyway, right? Spend time with his fur baby.


Another sure way to make dad happy this Father’s Day is by entering his pup in the giveaway contest from Jones Natural Chews! This gift he’s sure to love – the Dino Bone! It’s a mammoth bone, a cow leg, that big dogs will go bananas for! And that makes dog dads happy. So click this sentence, scroll down to the Rafflecopter, click it and follow directions! It ends this weekend, so do it now! It’ll make your dog smile, as well as making the dog dad smile. And that’s the best gift you can give.

Spreading the good chews …


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