Dog Doesn’t Do Mondays, FBM 219

Dog Doesn’t Do Mondays, FBM 219

Dog Doesn’t Do Mondays

This dog doesn’t do Mondays. By this dog I mean me. Y’all, I’m dragging today. Do you know why I started Funny Bone Monday? Years and years ago, I had my own blog, The Good Flea. Mondays were pretty tough. The kids would all go to school. Hunny would leave for work. I’d go to bed. Yep. Bed. I worked weekend nights at the psychiatric hospital. So Funny Bone Monday was meant to make other people smile while I was recuperating from work. This dog doesn’t do Mondays still. Neither do the dogs in the following videos. Stay tuned, at the end, for the announcement of the winner of our  Chickee Snapz and Beefee Snapz, from Jones Natural Chews, giveaway!

Looks like this dog doesn’t do snow, either. Poor dear. Not a happy Frenchie. Our next dog, a Chihuahua, is NOT a Monday dog. Or a morning dog.

I wouldn’t be waking the Chihuahua. Let it sleep as long as it wants. So long as it doesn’t wet the bed.

And then there’s Max. Max is my kind of dog. This dog doesn’t do Mondays. Or mornings. Or anything but beds.

I don’t blame Max a bit. If I could have stayed in bed this morning, I certainly would have. But my own dogs like to be up at five AM, heading out to the backyard to go potty. *grumble* They insist on my being a morning person, like it or not. Why can’t they be more like these dogs?!?

Right? That’s how Mondays should be spent. Asleep. No pesky humans to wake us up. Tell me – are your dogs morning dogs? Or do they not do mornings either?


For the last couple of weeks I’ve highlighted some of Jones Natural Chews newest treats, the Chickee Snapz and Beefee Snapz. They’re amazing little rounds of meat that are perfect for training and rewards, and dogs love them. My senior girl, 15 year old Patches, who never moves around the house, came straight to my end table, nose going, when I left a couple of them out of the bag for ten minutes. The nose knows. Dogs know. These treats are perfect.

Not only did we talk about the Snapz treats, we hosted a giveaway for Jones. And we have a winner! Winning with a tweet (y’all, more tweets win our treats than anything else), is:

Susan P! Congratulations, Susan! Your dogs are going to be pretty darn happy in a couple of weeks when they get some Chickee Snapz and Beefee Snapz in the mail! Their noses will be awake, even if it is a Monday when they arrive!

Now y’all come back tomorrow. I’ll be announcing two more new treats from Jones Natural Chews, and they’re quite the departure from our usual treats. No, they’re not biscuits or cookies – the Jones’ are butchers, people. But they’re certainly something I never thought I’d see from Jones. And my own dogs have given them the paws up of approval. Even better, we’ll be giving some away! So be here! And be ready to tweet!

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. i have 3 girls, the oldest has to get up very early to pee and poo. the middle child gets up abt 7 to pee and poo but then climbs back to bed. the youngest i have to search for and wake up to go outside and go potty and eat breakfast. she gives me a yawn and a little growl for waking her up. then she wants to crawl back to bed.

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