Dog Disrupts Game, FBM 218

Dog Disrupts Game, FBM 218

Dog Disrupts Game

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s funny dog videos are Dog Disrupts Game! Have you ever been watching a football or baseball game on TV and watched someone run onto the field unexpectedly? Today’s clips are just that, but with dogs! I half suspect that if there had been someone on the sidelines holding a Lamb Lung Puff from Jones Natural Chews, these dogs would have been sitting on the sidelines happily chomping treats. But there wasn’t, so we get to laugh at dog disrupts game.

Our next video is full of critters disrupting golf games. HILARIOUS.

Our next dog has a nice lope. Baseball season is here, folks. Embrace your inner dog.

Isn’t this fun? Our last video is a little long, but it’s a compilation of birds, cats and squirrels disrupting pro baseball games. The duck is my favorite, I think. How on earth does this happen?

I hope you’ve enjoyed our spring sporting events today! We love a good chuckle here at Jones. We also love to give away treats!


And our current giveaway is our latest offering, the Chickee Snapz and the Beefee Snapz. I caught my own dogs snarfing some down this weekend.

Patches gives me crazy eyes as she snaps up this premium treat
Crazy eyes – you know you’re doing it right

I don’t think these fun, bite size treats are in stores yet, so do me a favor and badger your local pet or feed store and ask them to order some? As you can see, dogs go bananas for them. They’re all meat (Beefee Snapz), and mostly meat (Chickee Snapz). Irresistible is what they are. If your dog absolutely can’t wait to get its paws on these luscious treats, pop over to Natural Dog Treat Shop and ask them to stock them. They should be able to get their paws on the Snapz pretty quickly.

Yes please. I'd love a tasty Chickee Snapz dog treat. Dog Disrupts Game


Otherwise, the second quickest way to get Snapz, but less reliable, is to win them! Click this sentence to jump over to the giveaway page, then scroll down and follow the directions in the box. Tweeting about the giveaway daily really ups your chances of winning. Having animals on the field when you’re the home team probably diminishes your chances of winning.

Now, go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew!

Spreading the good chews …


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