Dog Chew Safety Tips

Dog Chew Safety Tips

Dog Chew Safety

Today’s post is gently recycled. I do hope to be home from my last leg of road trip today. Dog chew safety is an important topic, though, so please leave feedback!

Yesterday we talked about Jones Natural Chews being 100% Made in the USA, as well as touching on the all natural element. I started this journey asking the question, “Why Jones Natural Chews?” Besides the obvious answer:

Good girl! Stay!
Patches begs for a JNC Windee

Yeah, my babies, Australian shepherd mixes (and rescue pups), LOVE these chews. They’re particularly fond of the Windees, or beef trachea slices. I had to hide the box. And give some away. Not only do my babies love Jones Natural Chews, but my mom’s shih tzu, Honey, adores them.

Honey eats a treat
The pink bows and the chewing – heaven

Honey is a rescue dog herself. A very picky rescue baby who has sent bags and bags of store bought treats our way. Treats she won’t even roll her eyes at. She doesn’t think twice about the little jerky Woofermen from JNC, though. Good girl, Honey.

For me, the obvious answer is the best answer. Dogs love JNC treats. Seriously. All natural meat chews, smelly and tough to tear up. It’s a beautiful thing.

Splintering and Chewing

But! More than one friend has asked about health and dog chew safety. This took me by surprise, but, evidently, dogs have been harmed by nummy treats like these. So I asked Suzy and Laura about splintering and chewing, and here’s what they had to say:

We test all of our bones for splintering. We conduct pressure tests and moisture tests to ensure the best bone strength. Because of the all-natural process we put our bones through, they will not splinter any easier than a raw bone. As with any food or treat, supervision is always recommended, all dogs have different chewing habits. We at Jones’ give all of our own dogs our products with confidence.

Bone Size and Density

Suzy and Laura also say that it’s important to know your dog, to give them the treat that’s the right size for them. For instance, I gave little Honey the Woofermen and some Windees because the labels indicate that they’re designed for smaller and medium sized dogs. Here, I’ll let Laura and Suzy tell you:

Choose a bone that is the right density and size for your dog. The bone should be larger than your dog’s mouth. Pork bones and lamb bones are soft bones and are only for smaller, light chewers. Beef bones are good for most chewers. Beef shank and knee caps are the hardest bones for aggressive chewers.
If large slivers or pieces are breaking off, take it away and try another type. Bones are not intended to be ingested, but chewed and gnawed on. Knuckles will be consumed and will leave a hard bone piece to gnaw.

Oh, and don’t give a treat to a hungry dog. Treats are not meant to be used as food.  But y’all know that, right?

So, because our dogs are family, our children, so to speak, and because we don’t just give our children grown-up sized portions and walk away from them, treat your fur babies with the love and caution you would your own children. Meaning, in part, no more dog Twinkes or Fruity Pebbles. Give ’em the good stuff. Give your dogs what’s right for them. Because Flash, Patches and Honey all say so. 😉


Our current giveaway is safe for all dogs. The Woofer is a lovely treat, consisting simply of ground beef. Simply click this sentence, leave a comment on the post which will open, then click I Commented! in the box at the bottom of the post. Leave a tweet for bonus points, though, since tweets win more often than not. Good luck and paws crossed!

Spreading the good chews …


3 thoughts on “Dog Chew Safety Tips

  1. Hi there, The pups were shipped to wisconsin ( Green Bay ) and not sure how many were adopted out since yuki was the first to go ( to my son) There were so many puppys of different breeds there a few weeks ago that came from what they called a puppy wagon??? not sure what that means but the place was packed with people so hopefully alot of them went to good homes right away. Yukon is so smart for a pup and learns so easily…we feel blessed to have him!

    • Yukon looks and sounds like a wonderful pup. I hate to hear of puppy mills. I guess it’s a good thing they all went to Green Bay, since a third dog probably wouldn’t be a good idea for us right this minute. I’ll be popping in on you to see Yukon updates when you can get them. 🙂

  2. Coralie Reinhart – I love your pics of the dogs! Do you ever go down to the Beagle rings? I am so missing our girl Binky, She is Al-Cor’s Sweet Song of Great Oaks, this is her first weneked with a Handler, and AI am hoping the weather is good, the dogs are good and everyone has a good time. I just wish I were there too.

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