Dog Blogging Becomes My Reality

Dog Blogging Becomes My Reality

Dog Blogging Becomes My Reality

Today’s post, Dog Blogging Becomes My Reality, is a throw back to my first year of blogging for Jones Natural Chews. A lot has changed in five years. My love for blogging has not. My rabid adoration of Jones Natural Chews has only increased. Celebrate five years of blogging for Jones Natural Chews with this last in the Throw Back Thursday series!

I’m new to dog blogging. I mean, I’ve had one or more dogs nearly my entire 44 years (did I just admit my age? Well there ya go), and I’ve blogged for nearly six years, but this dog blogging stuff is a whole different breed. So to speak.

Throw Back Thursday - dog blogging becomes my reality
Patches is her own breed of dog – Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd – but, like every breed I’ve ever met, she loves Jones Natural Chews!

When Jones Natural Chews asked me to blog for them, I thought, “Sure! How tough can this be? Blogging is so relaxing, so social. This will be great fun!”

Really. I have these monologues in my head.

The Reality of Dog Blogging

The reality of dog blogging is so much more. More relaxing. More social. More demanding. More challenging. More fun. I’m enjoying getting to know a new group of people, dog owners and dog lovers. Dog rescuers. Dog whisperers. Dog fanatics. Dogs.

Here are some of my challenges:

  • Knowing what I’m talking about – y’all, I’m not an expert. I know a whole heck of a lot about some things, and very little about others. Some things are more intuitive, and some knowledge comes the hard way (like the fact that dogs love the taste of chicken and duck poo, and that it makes them even more gassy, peel-the-paint-off-walls and make-your-eyes-blister gassy). It’s a good thing I love research.
  • Dog blogs are a whole new community for me – y’all have your own language. It took me a couple times reading it to realize that BOL probably means “bark out loud”. I’m not always quick. Please be patient with me?
  • Photos in posts are more challenging – I prefer to use my own photos when I blog, for integrity’s sake, and to avoid being sued. On my personal blog, I have photos of the cat, the dogs, my kids, home improvement projects, my woodburning, ceramic cows, chickens and ducks – you get the picture. I only have the two dogs, so I have to do more field work to capture dogs. Although, you are going to get the occasional poultry shot.
Jim wears the bow tie
I made Jimmy a bow tie this morning. He doesn’t like it. It’s not quite the right size and shape. We’ll try again.

The fun part of dog blogging?

  • Research – I love it! Finding out more about the treats Jones Natural Chews carries, why they’re better for your dogs, about breeds, adoptions, fostering, dog parks – there’s so much to learn! WOOHOO!
  • Dog bloggers – you all are fascinating! And your dogs are GORGEOUS! I think one of my favorite things so far is the photos of everyone’s dogs on their blogs. Oh my. I love you all. Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!
  • Photos – my teenagers call me the mamarazzi. I LOVE snapping pictures! Finding new dogs and new poses just ups the ante. Getting people to pose with their babies is a little more challenging, but I’ll get there.
New to Dog Blogging - and singing chihuahuas
See? I like chihuahuas. These are nice small dogs. They fit on top of my piano. And hold very still for a photo. I think they’re singing.

Total No0b

In a nutshell, this is fun. I’m so grateful to be dog blogging. Please be patient with me while I learn the ropes? I’m looking forward to this new endeavor! And to getting to know all of you better every day! Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions or tell me when I’m wrong.


Phew! That was tough to read. I was such a baby at 44. Weren’t we all? Thanks for getting through that. But now you’ve arrived at the good part – the giveaways! Because it’s July, our blogaversary month, there are TWO giveaways happening! Lucky you! To enter the first one, our DIY: Choose Your Treat giveaway, celebrating five years, click this sentence, read the new post and follow directions. Easy peasy. Your dog wants that prize option more than you know.

To enter the second giveaway – we host a Jones Natural Chews giveaway every two weeks, just because we love you and your dog – click this sentence, read the directions in the new post which will open, then do it! Enter! It’ll make your dog smile.

Thanks for making five years of dog blogging so much fun to do. Here’s to another five! And here’s to Jones Natural Chews and treating your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


12 thoughts on “Dog Blogging Becomes My Reality

  1. Hey its Stella Rose
    Yes I am on time out and am not to be on the computer but I am a silent stealth plane and mom is at work so i won’t get caught!
    wow flea you live in a house that always has live in treatland and you are telling people about it…whoohoo….
    Please come follow my blog so I can live vicariously through your comments…i will promise to always press my little face against the screen and pretend your treats are my treats!
    Just Me
    stella rose

    • Deb, I’m right there with ya on the doggies ruling, but I don’t know many cats which drool. Well, I had a Persian once who drooled all the time, but Persians don’t really count as cats, do they?
      Flea recently posted..New To Dog Blogging. Hi.My Profile

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