Dog at the Vet, FBM 249

Dog at the Vet, FBM 249

Dog at the Vet

Y’all, I’ve been to the vet more times in the last week than in the last six months. New puppies, shots for lap dogs, injured lap dog – this morning I took Belle to the vet for her eye. Dog at the vet seems to be my new motto. Sheesh. The good news is, Belle has a slightly scratched cornea and the antibiotic/steroid drops will heal her up in a couple of days. I’m just tired of going to the vet.

So today’s cute dog videos are dog at the vet themed. Oh! Oh! Belle was 28 pounds last Monday (at twelve weeks). This Monday she’s 51 pounds. Her brother, Shipley, is bigger. They’re going to be formidable guard dogs. Beware, predators! Our first video is exactly what Belle looked like at the vet this morning. I simply picked her up and carried her everywhere. I’ll be perfecting my dead lift the next few weeks (they go in for booster shots in two weeks).

That. Down to tummy rubs from the vet tech. Belle did not, however, give me the stink eye this morning. That’s Gadget’s job. He does it almost as well as the Boxer in this video.

What I don’t want, ever, is for my own dogs to react to the word “vet” the way this next dog does. It’s hilarious, but I want my dogs to love and trust our vet. So far they do, and for good reason. We have a great vet.

Our last video is dogs after visiting the vet. I guess they’re coming out of anesthesia. In fact, I picked up some Treatibles calming treats for Belle and Shipley, so they’ll travel better and be more calm next time we go to the vet.


As much as Belle loves her Big Paw Jerky from Jones Natural Chews, even that didn’t help this morning. She was so subdued. Once home, she took a piece of jerky without complaint. As much as dogs love that jerky, they’re going to love our new Stuffed Windees even more! Lucky for your dog, Jones is giving some lucky dog their very own Stuffed Windees. To enter to win, simply click this sentence, read and follow the directions in the new post which will open, then tweet about the giveaway to earn extra points. More is better, y’all!

Now go give your dog some Jones Natural Chews. And my paws are crossed that YOU don’t have to take your dog to the vet any time soon!

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. now you know how i felt going to the cancer vet at least 1 a wk, and the reg vet for bloodwork after the cancer vet. sometimes i was at the vets 2-4 a wk. guess that is why my bills were over 30k just for Evie, the last 10 mos of her life. however, i would have paid anything. hope the new kids will be better and hope Belle’s eye heals okay. i have had scratched corneas so bad, that i had to go to eye dr everyday, had to wear a special contact lense, and it still peeled under the lense, it is very, very painful.

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