Dog and Calf are Friends, FBM 231

Dog and Calf are Friends, FBM 231

Dog and Calf are Friends

Dog and calf are friends - Mignon the calf suckles fingers at the homestead
Mignon the calf is still bottle fed. He suckles on everything he can!

We spent this weekend at our friends’ homestead. I go to play with the livestock guardian dogs, and Hunny goes to feed our calf, Mignon, and learn more about homesteading. Of course I play with the calf. Of course. And I watch the interplay between Mignon and the other farm animals. Our homesteading friend says that the other animals all love and respect Mignon, treating him well. I did a little YouTube digging to see what kind of relationships other dogs have with calves. Oh my dog, you guys. So cute. For your viewing enjoyment, Dog and Calf are Friends.

Our next sweet video will make you smile, but it’s not something which happens on a homestead.

I’ve watched video after video of dogs and cows (most of them boring), and the curiosity of the cows astounds me. Check it out.

They’re curious. They’re relentless. They sniff and follow. Every single video. It’s the cutest thing! Does our calf do this? Mignon follows his buddy Brisket (a calf who’s a few months older) and people. He won’t leave people alone. Okay, one more video.

How sweet is that?!? I’m getting excited about moving to acreage. We’re still looking for something affordable that’s not too far from Hunny’s work, while working on our own home to get it ready to sell. Mignon will move with us. Oh! And speaking of dogs and cows, check out curious cows saying hi to Dexter, the Cocker Spaniel and Fidose of Reality. This curious cow thing is real, y’all.


Again, speaking of dogs and cows, Jones Natural Chews is giving some lucky dog its very own Woofers! This scrumptious treat is perfect for Independence Day – hamburgers you know your dog will love, that you can feel confident giving. One hundred percent all American ground beef. Nothing added. No artificial ingredients. Just cow meat for your dog. Dogs go bananas for these babies! I love the Woofers because they snap into tiny pieces, meaning a little goes a long way, and they transport easily in a pocket or bag, since they’re flat and dry. Perfect training treats.

Lola and the Beef Treat
100% ground beef for dogs for the win!

How do you get your hands on these lovely dog treats from Jones Natural Chews? There are several ways. At this link you’ll see a store finder, with most of the stores which carry Jones. Just put your zip code in and it’ll bring up stores near you which carry our products. Or you can order online at any of the fine stores listed on that same page. But the easiest, most fun way is to win your own for free! Granted, it’s not the most reliable way to get your own Woofers, but it’s fun! Simply click this sentence and leave a comment on the new post which will open, then click the box and click I Commented! Easy. And tweet if you’re serious about winning. Use that same box to do it. Tweets are most of our winners.

Now scoot! Enjoy your Independence Day week. For all of us at Jones Natural Chews, allow me to wish you and yours a happy holiday!

Spreading the good chews …


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