Does Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

Does Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

Does Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

Does your dog sleep in your bed? Always? Sometimes? On special occasions? Is this a silly question?

Does your dog sleep in the bed? Flash keeps me safe when Hunny is gone. That's what I tell myself.
Flash protects me by sleeping on my bed.

Some of you are thinking, “Of course this is a silly question. All dogs should sleep in the bed. Duh.”

Others are thinking, “That’s a stupid question! Why on earth would you let a hairy, slobbery, dirty dog sleep in your bed?”

But most of you know that there are both kinds of dog owners in this world and that it’s okay to decide either way.

Of course dogs are allowed to sleep in the beds at La Quinta- bed hog dogs always get the best spots
Gadget has since slept in my bed, then has not

Or, like us, maybe your dog sleeps in your bed only sometimes?

One Dog or More – Does It Make a Difference?

Once upon a time, our first Aussie, Clee-o, slept in our bed every night. It was a little cramped, the three of us in a queen sized bed, Clee-o in the middle, frequently a cat near or on my head. But it worked, and Clee-o fully expected to sleep in our bed. There was no question.

Then Clee-o passed (please observe a moment of silence), and we brought home two Aussies. The decision was made (and not by me, insert pout here) that the dogs would sleep on the FLOOR. The indignity. Dogs on the floor. Who ever heard of such a thing? What on earth is a big bed for if not for a dog to sleep on it? We had moved up to a king sized bed, for Pete’s sake! Plenty of room for two dogs!!

Alas, it was not to be. Dogs on the floor. Final answer.

Unless …

Unless my Hunny was gone overnight. See how that works? Then the dogs were free to sleep next to me, on top of the covers. One thing I did learn from our first co-sleeping arrangement was that dogs leave dirt and hair in the sheets, and that they should only be allowed on top of the covers. Especially if they bring one of their bones to bed. ESPECIALLY if they bring a hoof to bed.

Alright, so the hoof gets them kicked out of the bedroom altogether. The dogs LOVE Jones’ hooves, but those things stink when they’re chewed. Which probably explains the doggy love affair with the hooves.

So now, after twelve years with our “new” fur babies, they jump into bed if there is only one parent there. Yes, Hunny invites Patches up when I leave the room. I invite Flash. The difference between the two is that Patches will get down and go back to her blanket in the corner after about half an hour, while Flash will stay on the bed until I leave, or the next morning. Like last night, my Hunny’s first night of a long trip to Orlando for training. Flash is just protecting me. Yeah. That’s what he’s doing.

The New Dogs

The new dogs, our lap dogs are tiny in comparison. (Yes, this is a gently recycled post) They have privileges which the big dogs do not. So for a couple of years they both slept in our bed. I loved and hated it. Gadget was constantly crawling up and sleeping on my shoulder in the middle of the night, keeping me awake, but having them anchor my legs at night was a comfort.

Let sleeping dogs lie
And Honey makes three – my mom’s Shih Tzu joins them for a nap

Why did they stop sleeping in the bed? Cancer. Hunny made that decision the day I was diagnosed, and they moved to little beds in our bathroom. It was tough for me, but necessary. And I do miss them in the bed, but I’m grateful Hunny made the decision he did. Sleep is still difficult to come by, even four months out from chemo. We make the dog sleep in the bed decision based on who and what and where we are.

So, does your dog sleep in your bed? And if yes, just how many dogs sleep in your bed? Or do I really not want to know?


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21 thoughts on “Does Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

  1. This is almost like our situation. Before I met my husband, the dogs were allowed on the bed. (Strangely, Sephi did not like to be on the bed at the same time that I was on the bed.) But after we married, it was decided that the dogs would sleep on the floor. And now, the only time they are allowed on the bed is when my husband is out of town on a business trip. When that happens, I put a sheet over the top so no dog hair gets on our covers. That way, my husband never finds out they were on the bed. πŸ˜‰

  2. Cats sleep in the bed or wherever they darn feel like it, dogs…no dogs on the furniture, so no dogs in bed. Mom is kind of sad about this sometimes but then again with the cats in bed that takes up enough space and the bed is pretty high so she would not want us jumping up and down. On Christmas Eve last year we were at Grammas and mom invited me to sleep in the bed with her. I was totally baffled by the request but obliged and then after about an hour I got down and crawled into my cuddle bed. Mom sometimes sleeps with me on the floor for a nap but having never been in bed I was not comfortable with it.
    emma recently posted..Happy Valentines Day 2013 | GBGVMy Profile

    • Aw man. You’re right, though. The rule with our dogs is no dogs on the furniture. For the most part they’re good about it. When I’m home. There’s always a warm spot on the couch when I walk in the front door, though. Very suspicious. Emma, it sounds like you have a very good mama.
      Flea recently posted..Funny Bone Monday 11My Profile

  3. Of course they are allowed on the bed. Silly question πŸ™‚ But while Zachary stays the night Henry gets hot. Cal. King + 2 big boy Golden’s + hubby and I. Bed full. πŸ™‚

  4. For sure on the bed! Not all seven though, only six. Seriously. Kinda cozy and a bit cramped but hey, dogs are pack animals, right?

    It’s now changed a bit though. For some reason, Forest began having trouble settling and so he’s back in his crate in the bedroom. Blind puppy Breeze is also crated because she thinks it’s always time to play and Callie is crated because she isn’t nice if somebody gets in her space. Sometimes the cats (two) show up and see if there is room for them.
    acd6pack recently posted..Busy weekendMy Profile

  5. Max is definitely an under the covers with me (no bones though) pup…and he LOVES me to have the electric blanket on! Some mornings I have to pull the covers off him to get him to go outside though! πŸ™‚

  6. The Basset doesn’t get to sleep on the big bed, because it is my sanctuary. I’m a cat & that is my rule. She has her own doggie bed below the big bed where she can sleep, drool, snore, stink and shed. If the male human had his way, though, the D-O-G would be allowed to sprawl out on the big bed. I would never have any room to dream, ’cause it is already a tight squeeze. It is only full size and I have to share it with both my humans. Mew Mew!
    Valentine recently posted..Almost Wordless Wednesday: Recycle for Express DeliveryMy Profile

  7. Our dog has always slept in the bed with us. In the winter, he sleeps under the covers at our feet (I’m amazed he can breathe under there!). In warmer weather, he stays wedged between us on top of the covers. He’s too old now to use the stairs, but every night my husband (bless him!) carries Soldier up the stairs and puts him on the bed. We also have a cat, Peanut Butter, who curls up next to Soldier. It gets croweded sometimes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  8. Sinead sometimes sleeps in the bed with the humans. She insists on doing so when one of us is sick (so she spent a lot of time in the human bed this winter as my broken leg was healing up), but she only asks on occasion otherwise. We, of course, give in to her when she asks.

    The pug, on the other hand, prefers his own bed. Not sure why that is, but he really prefers to stay on the floor in his heated bed.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

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