What Do Ducks Do Without Feet?!?

What Do Ducks Do Without Feet?!?

What Do Ducks Do Without Feet?!?

One of Jones Natural Chews‘ new treats is Duck Feet. I love them! My duck, Jimmy, not so much. I’m not telling him about this new treat. I mean, what will the ducks do without feet?

Blue duck - what do ducks do without feet?
Jimmy owns the backyard. With a crest like that, it’s hard not to own everything you see.

Initially I was a little apprehensive about Jones’ sale of chicken and duck feet. I have seven hens and an angry duck, after all. How do I tell them?! But then the treats came in the mail. Oh my gosh, they’re so cute!

Chicken Duck Feet from Jones Natural Chews are the perfect treat for dogs
Little duck feet for my little dogs

But what do ducks do without feet? Little wheelchairs? Tiny walkers?

It’s What We Do

Let’s be honest, friends. Dogs eat meat. Dogs love meat. It’s biologically how they’re wired. Sure they eat and need some vegetables, but on the whole? Meat. And dogs are no longer wild creatures. They’re domesticated pets which eat meat. So even if you’re a vegan, your dog needs meat.

Anatomy of a cow
This is a cow’s anatomy. Meat comes from cows and other animals. Dogs drool a little when they see this poster.

What Jones Natural Chews does – and the whole family of owners comes from a long line of butchers – is source American grown meat and create amazing all natural treats for dogs. We know how to make dogs smile. We know meat. We know dogs. It’s a match made in Heaven, really. But sometimes our treats offend delicate sensibilities. Because they look exactly like what they are. And you know what? YOUR DOG DOESN’T CARE. In fact, your dog is very sad when you don’t buy a treat because it looks like the animal body part.

Looking like the body part means one important thing – it is the body part. That means it should be a single ingredient treat, which is excellent. There are no added ingredients, which is great for your dog. Honestly, looking like the body part is probably the very best thing for your dog.

Only the Best Should Do

Only the best should do for your dog. It’s part of the family, after all. So why not buy Jones Natural Chews? Our treats, including the chicken and duck feet, are completely sourced from US farms. There are zero artificial ingredients. Most of our treats are single ingredient, which is quite lovely, and the remainder have no more than eleven ingredients, but usually closer to three. And your dog will thank you.

Chicken Duck Feet from Jones Natural Chews are the perfect treat for dogs


What will ducks do without feet? Most likely cry. But what will your dog do with duck feet? Probably anything you want it to do! Take a look at my unboxing video, opening a box of my own duck and chicken feet from Jones.

The dogs took them right away. Are you ready to give your own dogs duck and chicken feet? Simply click this sentence, scroll to the bottom of the new page, leave a comment, and click on the entry box to say you commented. And don’t forget to tweet! Tweeting daily ups your chances of winning!

Now scoot. Get to it. Make your dog smile.

Spreading the good chews …


P.S. If you watched the above video, you saw that Patches rejected the Windee. She’s since been eating them. I give them a Windee each morning and a joint supplement before bed.

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  1. Mom doesn’t like the look of them, nor is she thrilled about us eating them, but she would let us because we love them.

  2. I’m all in for duck feet, might as well recycle them instead of just throwing them out when the time comes to process a duck.

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