DIY: Choose Your Own Treat

DIY: Choose Your Own Treat

DIY: Choose Your Own Treat

I think that blogging consistently, five days a week, is kind of a big deal. Blogging for Jones Natural Chews is always a big deal, since they make the very best dog treats money can buy, being all natural and all USA grown and made. But the five year part? I decided we need to have a blogging anniversary giveaway with a DIY: choose your own treat! You’d like that, right? I’m currently remodeling, so the DIY part is also for me.

Jones Natural Chews mascot, Rocky, is giving treats to one lucky dog to celebrate our five year blogging anniversary! DIY: Choose Your Own Treat
Rocky, the mascot of Jones Natural Chews, loves to give good dogs treats!

Now shh! Don’t tell my boss, but this means an extra giveaway this month! Hmm. I had to put on my thinking cap, and ask my dogs, about which treats to give some lucky dog. Chewy said, “Give them Hooves!” He likes chewing on stinky things which help his teeth and gums. Weirdo. Gadget said, “Give them cake!” Gadget, Jones doesn’t make cake. So he said, “Give them Lamb Lung Puffs!” They’re like candy for dogs – light and delicious. Good choice, Gadget. Also a weirdo.

Friday Funny Flea-ism
Told you. Weirdo. He doesn’t even LIKE Polka.

Flash said, “Give them Bark Burgers!” They’re his new favorites. As an old man, he likes the double bonus of taste and ease of chewing. Patches said, “Give them Frank n Woofers!” She’s a bit of a hot dog snob. These new two-in-one treats are her favorite.

Which Treats Should We Give Away?

I puzzled long and hard over which treats should make it into a blogging anniversary giveaway. Seriously. Beef? Pork? Chicken? Rabbit? Venison? And should it be bones? Taffies? Bully products? Something new? Something old? The choices are so many! One treat? Several? Y’all, this was a tough decision!

These ARE the treats I'm looking for - Jones Natural Chews
Kato Jack approves of ALL of the Jones Natural Chews! But these Wuv U Treats are his favorite.

So here’s what I decided – if you win, you get to choose three treats for your dog. THREE. And if that’s a tough decision, talk to me. Jones Natural Chews labels each of their treats with the appropriate recommendation for dog size. For instance, our Bandit’s Bones (a perpetual best seller) are labeled as being good for small to medium sized dogs. Some treats are great for all size dogs. Like the Lamb Lung Puffs, for instance. Or as I like to call them, crack for dogs. But talk to me and we can choose the best three treats for your dog, should you win.

Enter Now! Keep Entering!

Since this is a blogging anniversary giveaway post, y’all need to help me out! I need y’all to share the crap out of this post! Here are the ways to enter, and sharing really will help you win:

  • Comment on THIS POST, then click the box below and click I Commented!
  • Share daily on Twitter using the box below
  • Visit our Facebook page using the box below
  • Follow our Twitter page using the box below

Couple more things – you’ve gotta be a resident of the contiguous US to enter. That darn mail moose keeps us from shipping smaller packages to Canada. He got his hooves on the Alaskan shipping process, too. So just the lower 48, eh? And you have to enter before midnight CST July 30th. Nearly an entire month of being able to enter! Your dog will smile so big if you win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

TWO Giveaways!

Don’t forget to enter our regular giveaway! Your dog is going to be so happy. Click this sentence and do exactly what you’re going to do for the new giveaway – comment, click, tweet, etc. Should you win both giveaways, that’s FOUR all natural, mostly meat dog treats for your dog to love. How lucky can one dog get?!? I can hear your dog panting from here. Just do it.

Thanks for helping a girl out. And thanks for being here for Jones for the last five years! Here’s to many more!

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. Happy Blogiversery to you!
    Happy Blogiversery to you!
    Happy Blogiversery dear Flea,
    Happy Blogiversery to you!

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