Dirt Road Anthem, FBM 223

Dirt Road Anthem, FBM 223

Dirt Road Anthem

Happy Funny Bone Monday! A lot of y’all know that I love Weird Al. Maybe you think it’s the only music I listen to. You wouldn’t be far from wrong. But I do like good country music. Yesterday, heading out to visit our homesteading friends, I captured the image above when we turned onto a pretty dirt road near their house. Made me think of Jason Aldean’s Dirt Road Anthem. Reminded me of my own growing up in a tiny town. And reminded me of our dogs running down the dirt road, following the car (long story for another time). I thought today we might capture dogs and dirt roads, just for fun. My roots aren’t country, but my heart sure is. And stay tuned at the end of today’s post for some fun news from me. Let’s begin with Dirt Road Anthem, yes?

He catures country living for high school kids. At least weekend nights. Dirt Road Anthem combines country and some weird kind of rap. I like it. Let’s take a look at why country dogs have it so good. One involves traveling on dirt roads. 😉

Doesn’t that make you want to move to the country? *sigh* And I just know those country dogs would love some Mammoth Bones from Jones Natural Chews. But what about the posh country dogs, the ones who’ve never run down a dirt road? For them there’s the country club. You read that right. Take a look –

Right?! My dogs would LOVE this place!! One last tiny snippet – real country dogs on a real dirt road. Our very own dirt road anthem.

I know my dogs would love that. Which brings me to my news …

Moving on Out

Given our great love for most things alive, Hunny and I have gone back and forth for years about moving out of the city and finding a small farm someplace. I want more than a handful of chickens and a duck. Hunny wants more than a couple of raised beds in the backyard. So, with the encouragement of our homesteading friends, we decided to jump! We’re working like crazy to ready our house to sell. Hoping to get it on the market in late June. There’s a lot to do here. And we’re looking for a little bit of acreage just outside of town! Our own little farm.

Country dogs, Jones Natural Chews, feed stores, dirt roads – I’m going to be in Heaven. I suspect I’ll also be sore 24/7, and exhausted every day and night. Which is great. My feet had better cooperate, though. The neuropathy gets a little better every day, but they still have a ways to go.

The Big 5-0

More fun news! I turn 50 in October! I wanted to celebrate this birthday in a big way, but last year’s battle with cancer convinced me that there needed to be a huge celebration. I want to celebrate being alive to see 50! Hunny came up with a great idea! And hopefully we’ll be in a more spacious location by then. You’re all invited, btw. His idea? A bounce house! That’s right – bouncing adults. And maybe a petting zoo. I’ll be registering for gifts at Tractor Supply, Atwood’s and Souther Agriculture – they all carry Jones Natural Chews. I’d like everyone to bring a baby farm animal. Nothing more than knee high, please. If anyone is feeling like they need to spend big bucks, baby pea fowl would be perfect. 😉 I’ve always wanted peacocks!


I’ve been much more wordy than usual for a Monday. Time to turn to more important matters – the giveaway of Jones Natural Chews Bark Burgers! Our current giveaway is my second favorite of all of Jones’ newest treats, the first favorite being the little Snapz, both beef and chicken. Our giveaway is the perfect treat for any size dog – the Bark Burgers! They’re the larger hamburger patty size of the Snapz. Your dog wants them. To enter to win, simply click this sentence, leave a comment on the post which will open up, click the entry box and click “I Commented”. And that’s it! Of course, you’ll want to do more than that. Your dog really wants to win these treats. Might as well tweet, peek in at our Facebook page, and follow our Twitter account. Then we can be besties for life.

Y’all have a great Monday!

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. great idea for a bday party. wish i was closer. thanks for the invite. i would love to move as well. i have over 11 acres, too much for me now. i hate mowing. i would love to move out of state to ocala fl. i hate nc. taxes way too high and too many bad politicians (of course, every state as well as the federal govt. has these though).

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