Continuing Saga of Dog and Duck

Continuing Saga of Dog and Duck

Continuing Saga of Dog and Duck

Dog and duck. Most days I’m madly in love with all four dogs and my duck. Today is not one of those days. The four dogs are friends. Well, the large ones tolerate the small ones. The smallest one is easily irritated by the rest of them. And Chewy both loves and hates the smallest. Drama, drama, drama. All well within the bounds of life with four dogs.

Chewy knows who he is. Until he sees the duck. Dog and duck - friends or enemies?
Chewy is usually a gentleman. Usually.

Chewy, for instance, knows that he’s a small dog. He acts accordingly, bless his little heart. He’s respectful of the boundaries which people and large dogs set. Gadget, on the other hand, barges in, snaps at everyone, sleeps on top of Chewy every night. It’s a battle zone. Growling happens, Chewy is ignored. Life goes on.

Then, the Duck

But the one place Chewy feels like a king is the back yard. That’s his domain. He has plenty of space. The littlest dog is out of his element there, and Chewy reigns supreme. Especially when he sees the duck. Dog and duck. Always a battle.

Blue duck
Jimmy owns the backyard. With a crest like that, it’s hard not to own everything you see,

It worse when I leave the duck out in the yard instead of in the coop. It’s spring time and Jimmy the duck has no girlfriend, so he takes his love out on the chickens. They all have ragged combs and a hunted look in their eyes right now. It’s rather sad, PTSD in chickens. So I try to leave Jimmy in the yard as much as possible this time of year.

But that happens.

Get to the Point

Why did I tell you all of this? Because it’s eight AM, I’m exhausted, and Jimmy and Chewy are to blame. Okay, I’m to blame, but it’s easier to blame the dog and duck than it is to blame myself. You see the video battle which occurred above? That happened again at six AM. Jimmy the duck was out all night (my back porch is covered in duck poo to prove it). I let all the dogs out at six when I woke up. An immediate fight occurred. I ran all over the back yard, in the dark, feet bare, yelling at Jimmy and Chewy to knock it off, before putting Jimmy back in the coop. There was no going back to sleep after that.

Dog and duck. Forever enemies. Forever sharing a backyard. *sigh*


Needless to say, Chewy didn’t get a treat when he came in after that. I didn’t fuss at him either. The duck usually starts things. But Chewy will get a Chickee Snapz shortly. And the Chickee Snapz are what we’re giving away this week! Some lucky dog will get their very own Chickee Snapz and Beefee Snapz from Jones Natural Chews. They’re the perfect size treats to give just for fun, as a reward, or to get the dog inside when it won’t leave the duck alone (I wish I’d thought of that at six AM).

To enter to win, simply click this sentence, scroll down in the new window, leave a comment, then click on the box to let me know you entered. There will be more options, like visiting our Facebook page (we’d love it if you followed us – sometimes we even know where we’re going), or tweeting daily. They just increases your chances of winning these amazing, all natural, made in the USA treats. That’ll make your dog smile. Honest.

Spreading the good chews …


4 thoughts on “Continuing Saga of Dog and Duck

  1. that duck would not last long around my girls. i have mini schnauzers. they hated when the birds, chickens came over from my neighbors. i did not like it either b/c they dug up my yard and plants. the chickens would come on the porch. they also have lots of guineas which i hated because they were loud, come on the porch, dig up my yard, make nest in my flower beds. my neighbors got really nasty when i asked them to keep their birds on their property, they have 6 acres. they told me to train my dogs, i told them to XXXXXXXX. i wont repeat what i said. this went on for almost a yr and finally i told them if they did not stop i was going to sue them and call the sheriff. now they killed 2 trees by digging them up and nesting beside them and well as holes in my yard, they like to bath in the dust so they would dig up the grass. my neighbors refused to fix anything. this was not the first time i have had problems with them and their animals as well. they would dump piles of manure near the fence line, which when it rained went into a main water creek, against the law, then the flies, horse flies would gather in the hot months and the smell was terrible, again against the law.

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