Contest Ends Today!

Contest Ends Today!

Yes! The contest ends today! You heard that right!

I’ve only been dog blogging for a couple of months, so I’m uber excited about the number of entries we have in the contest so far! More than quadruple last month’s contest! THANK YOU!

Now, you can’t enter the contest on today’s post. You have to go to THIS POST, from Tuesday. Tell me what your dog is afraid of!

I’ve enjoyed reading your stories so far. You’ve reminded me of all the little things my dogs are also afraid of. Silly puppies.

What’s that, you say? You need a gratuitous dog shot?

Someone bowed the dog
I love having a daughter. She does random girly things. Like putting a fancy bow on the dog. Patches doesn’t seem to mind.

And a gratuitous chicken shot?

On the back porch with the chickens
Just another lazy day here at Casa de Pulga, hanging out with the chickens.

Shameless. You’re all shameless.

Now seriously. Go enter the contest if you haven’t already. You’ll be entering to win the treat of your choice! Which is really cool, because Jones Natural Chews are 100% all natural and every ingredient is from right here in the USA! I walked through my local feed store yesterday (I was buying scratch for the chickens and ducks), and after I’d spoken with the 26 year old cockatiel, I walked down the dog treat aisle. Y’all, they all looked so … DRY. Now that my dogs only get JNC treats, I’m shocked when I look at other dog treats. Not that I’m a dog treat snob or anything. I think I’d probably have to eat them myself to be  a snob. Right?

The contest ends tonight at midnight, central standard time, or Tulsa time. Or Chicago time. Or Dallas time. Take your pick. I’ll be choosing our winner via a random number generator. All’s fair in love and dog treats, eh?

Until I write again …


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