Contest Deadline is Tonight!

Contest Deadline is Tonight!

Is it Wednesday already? The contest deadline is tonight! The Goofy Dog contest, for being our very first contest, has garnered a little interest and a handful of entries so far! I’m hoping that more of you can enter before midnight tonight! If you’re having trouble commenting (I’m working on that – keep trying!), then send me an email and a link back to your blog – flea at jonesnaturalchews dot com. The entry rules, again:

  • You can email your goofy dog photo to flea at jonesnaturalchews dot com, as well as leave a comment here – I’ll post the photos I receive here Thursday
  • You can post a photo of your goofy dog on your blog, then leave a comment here letting me know to come look – I’ll post links to all these posts Thursday


Laura, at JNC, sent photos of her baby dog,  Tucker, the basset-mastiff mix. Tucker can’t enter, but I want y’all to look at his blue toenails:

Tucker's Blue Toes
Are blue toenails not the most masculine dog statement ever?

Tucker’s big sister is a 14 year old girl with no siblings, so OF COURSE she’s going to paint the dog’s toenails! I’ve seen the girl’s room and am surprised that blue toenails are all she’s come up with so far. To be fair, Tucker isn’t very old and hasn’t been with them long enough to get into too much trouble.

Tucker has other siblings. It looks like they all get into goofy trouble together.


Oh my! I wonder who wound up with the stick? It looks like fun, but I’ll bet they’d drop it for an all natural Jones Chew.

This has been so much fun, our very first contest! I’m planning on running a contest every month, but probably the Goofy Dog every few months. So have those cameras at the ready! Next month may be the grumpy dog photo – grumpy dogs NEED a JNC treat, right? If you have an idea for a contest, please let me know? I’m also open to ideas for anything you’d like to talk about here, or know more about.

Until I write again …


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