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  2. Last year I found a pic on your site I swear it is my belated lab Sydney plz contact me so I can send the pic and see where you guys found it. Or if I’m right thank you so much.

  3. I was reading about Flash and his panting and pacing episode. We recently had to say goodbye to our 18 year old Dewey;( who did the very say thing many nights of his last year. We try everything to calm him and make him comfortable… I was recently talking with a co-work about him. She has lived on a farm and has lots of experience with all sorts of animals and is a lover of all types but especially dogs.

    She said that the panting and pacing at night was a classic symptom of heart failure. The filling up of fluid cause trouble breathing so the pace and pant as a result. She is not a vet, but I find a lot of truth in what she said… We already thought he had a failing heart due to a chronic cough he had developed that was unlike any other cough he had had over 18 years.

    We never confirmed any of this with our vet… At 18, we all had decided to just make him comfortable but not to interfere with his natural course (kind of like doggie hospice).

    Just thought I would share in case it might help someone else with a senior dog.

    • Thank you! I appreciate it. We took Flash to the ER vet and his regular vet and his heart seemed fine. If he was panting 24/7, I’d probably be panicking, but he’s done this for more than a year, and usually only when a storm is going to roll through. Giving him joint supplements stops the panting. So those two things combined tell me it’s his joints in old age, like my mother’s replaced knee which hurts when a storm front is on the way. But hopefully your response will help someone who’s dog isn’t responding to joint supplements and their dog pants constantly. It really does make sense.

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