The Coffee Cup is Empty and the Dog Won’t Leave Me Alone

The Coffee Cup is Empty and the Dog Won’t Leave Me Alone

I hate mornings like this one. My coffee cup is empty and the little dog won’t leave me alone. Y’all, I’m new to having small dogs (in my past life I called them drop-kick dogs). Small, yappy things, ankle biters, nuisance with fur on. Chewy, our Affenpinscher mutt, is only one of those things. Or two. But my coffee cup is empty and the dog won’t leave me alone.

Grr! Gimme the treats!
This Affenpinscher mutt is in my face ALL DAY LONG. There’s not enough coffee in the world to keep up with him.

Small dog people, help me out here. This little bundle of energy climbs up onto my chest and shoulders while I’m working. He stands on my chest and bites my nose, licks my glasses. He curls up in my lap and won’t let me get up.

Curled up in my lap
Seriously. How am I supposed to go back for more coffee if this dog won’t get up?

Chewy, small dog that he is, weasles his way into anywhere. Steals all the socks and shoes. Last night I walked into the dining room and found him standing on the dining room table. He was looking for the treats.

Adorable Affenpinsch mutt face
Does he care that I think he’s a naughty dog? No. Not one bit. Does he care that he’s turning my hair grey at light speed? No. Is he the cutest widdle dog ever in the whole wide world? Maybe.

But y’all, he’s so stinkin’ cute! How do I tell this face no? Or get down?

Pity me
There should be a patented name for this heart melting look. How can I say no to this face?!?

I can’t leave a wadded up tissue anywhere. Paper towels and paper napkins aren’t safe.

Tearing up the paper
Thirty seconds. THIRTY SECONDS. He finds and destroys paper. Is this an Affenpinscher thing? Or a small dog thing?

My saving grace is that a Jones bone will keep him quiet and still for up to half an hour at a time. Thank the good Lord that Jones bones are all natural and all sourced in America. See the bones in the background in the photo above? Chewy has a basket full of them. I put them all away at day’s end. He pulls them all out the next morning. Is this a small dog thing?

Regal Affenpinscher mutt
This dog thinks he rules the world. Maybe he does. He certainly doesn’t listen when I ask him to fix me a second cup of coffee.

So what I’m trying to say here is, HELP! It’s been four months now and I’m man enough to admit that I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to small dogs. And I’m not even a man. Throw advice at me, will ya? I don’t like it when my coffee cup is empty and I don’t have the wherewithal to get up and tackle a wee dog. He runs circles around me, both literally and figuratively.

Cute Affenpinscher close up
Right in my face. The dog won’t leave me alone. I give up.

And he’s adorable when he does it. Y’know what? I think I’ll just give him another treat and watch him play for awhile.

Until I write again …


8 thoughts on “The Coffee Cup is Empty and the Dog Won’t Leave Me Alone

  1. UGH! Good luck! I have no experience with small dogs either.
    I do understand dogs being in your face all day long. More often then not I will be blogging away at the laptop, and a big ‘ol husky face pops up in mine as their paw scratches down the screen of my laptop! GRRRR!!!!! I have no advice! BOL sorry!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted..Kurgo Zippy Bowl – #nohotpetsMy Profile

  2. Mom has always called me tiny and says she will never have a dog smaller than I am. She likes a “dog” sized dog, and small pets are cats. She enjoys seeing others with small dogs but she can’t imagine having one. I’m sure you will adjust and on the bright side, it is easier to take him places because being small he does fit anywhere.
    Emma recently posted..How To Do A Vehicle Search In Nose WorkMy Profile

  3. How much exercise/mental stimulation does he get? Mr. N knows a “not right now” (which means I’m busy and go do your own thing for a while) cue and “off” (get off me, the couch, the bed etc).
    As for small dogs… it’s the same as kids or bigger dogs. They need to know that actions have consequences… and that you will follow through! I pick Mr. N up, he’s allowed on the furniture, and I tell him he’s adorable umpteenth times a day but he has rules and I expect him to follow them. He earns his privileges by good behavior.
    There was a study recently that said dogs like treats that they earn. Mr. N “works” for all his food and treats. He has to wait (anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes) for his food and treats (even those given by other people) are earned by doing tricks.
    It might be easier if you put Chewy in a crate or a play pen with a chew or a Kong when you can’t supervise him. That way he won’t get into things. If I didn’t keep an eye on Onyxx, he would sneak off into the kitchen and look for food. Chewy also sounds like he would enjoy food toys and puzzles. I would look into NILF (nothing in life is free) where Chewy needs to work for all his food/treats. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me.
    Tenacious Little Terrier recently posted..FitDog Friday #35 – Random TidbitsMy Profile

  4. Well I have a lot of experience a small dog Stitch!!! I had same issues and the puppy phase is so hard. You may have to start the “down” and “leave it” commands and stick to them. These can save your dog if you drop a pill or something else they can’t have. I did Petsmart training classes and work everyday still with him and making them work for his treats and earning them as well. I was over the dog controlling me and everyone else around us. I love the classes the trainers the help when he back tracks and the other friends he and I have made in the classes. I wish you the best of luck with Chewy!!

  5. I haven’t had a small dog in a long time, but I have had puppy experience more recently. What I would do is get an ex-pen set up in your office and put him in there with a few toys. He needs to learn to deal with being by himself a little, and it is also perfectly acceptable to give him a time out when he’s getting into things that he’s not supposed to. When you have to work, even though it’s at home, you still need to be able to get things done and I’d put him in the ex-pen so you can get things done without worrying what he’s up to. In the end, it will let you be more efficient.
    houndstooth recently posted..Greyhound Mind ControlMy Profile

  6. I have zippo experience with little dogs like your Chewy, but I agree that they need to follow the rules just like a larger dog would. I suspect in my older age I will have to get a smaller dog (yikes) and I will definitely be laying the same ground rules that I have for all of my larger dogs.

    I do have a bit of puppy experience. With Linus (remember him? my goodness he was cute as the dickens and a handful all at the same time), when he became overbearing – it usually meant he needed a nap or some quiet time. I would have him go in his crate with a chew toy and let him just chill in there. He’d usually end up chewing for a bit and then zonk out for an hour or so; then when he woke up was a much better-behaved puppy. The crate was never a punishment and so he always went in willingly (treats helped).
    Blueberry’s human recently posted..Sunken TreasureMy Profile

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