Christmas! It’s a-Coming!

Christmas! It’s a-Coming!

Christmas! It’s a-coming!

Today’s post is gently recycled. I’m thinking of bringing back the Q&A segment. Yes? No?

Are y’all excited about Christmas?! I’m not usually, but this year I am! Today is Follow Up Friday, a blog hop run by Jodi, at Heart Like a Dog. I answer some of the questions asked in the comments during the week, and one of them is about Christmas!! Specifically, 2 Brown Dawgs asks:

So what Polish food will you make for Christmas?

*SQUEEEEE* The Polish food is one of my favorite things about Christmas! Click here to see the recipe for the Christmas soup we’ll be making (my daughter has made it the last few years and she does a GREAT job). We’ll have pierogies and kielbasa with sour cream and horseradish. I’ve made the pierogi myself, but I cheat now and buy Mrs. T’s, as well as ordering meat Pierogies from a local German restaurant where the owner makes them from scratch. They’re amazing. What will YOU be eating for Christmas? This year my girl is making the pierogi and my chef boy has already made the soup.

I’ve told y’all before, Stella Rose asks the bestest questions. In regards to the pig videos on Monday, Stella Rose tells a little story with her question.

Mom told me when one of her girls was little they raised a pot belly pig. His name was teddy and he loved Kody their youngest girl. He was her friend and she was his. Do you think that is why Mom loves pugs cos if you remove the u it can become a i real easy?

Who’s the cutest little Pug ever? Stella Rose! Of COURSE that’s why your mama loves pugs! And you look and sound a lot like little pigs. *squee* *squee*

Tenacious Little Terrier thinks I need a pig.

What’s one pig in addition to your menagerie? I don’t think I can sneak any animals into our house. We’re already out of space on the couch as it is.

Is that a Jones Windee? I'll pretend I don't want it.
The couch is Flash’s space. He can relate to Mr. N. And a pig would want to share his Windee.

No. Just, no. Flash says no. He’s still put out that he had to share couch space for a few months with this little guy.

Rabbit and dog
Sharing was mandatory when Humperdink lived here. Flash was never happy about it.

We held a giveaway this week, our Holiday treats. I love giving things away! Bren, though, had a question about treat distribution. We’re currently holding a treat giveaway. Click Β this sentence to get to the entry post.

BTW, my favorite vendor and affiliate, Jeffers Pet, isn’t carrying the Jawzer bones anymore? Is something going on with them?

Bren, I’m not sure. I’ve put your question to Suzy and will let you know directly I find something out. The Jampacked Jawzer is an amazing treat and I’d hate for you to have to order that online instead of getting it locally. Unless you’ve been ordering directly from Jeffers online? Have you spoken with the store owner or manager and asked? Sometimes that’s a store thing. If they’re not selling enough of a certain product they’ll stop carrying it. I’ll get back to you as soon as I find out. Amended –Β Jones stopped making the Jampacked Jawzer and I can’t remember why. They never did bring it back, but the Bandit’s Bone is pretty darn amazing.

Have y’all seen Jones Christmas treats? They’re adorable!

The perfect gift for a big dog
This here Mammoth Bone is perfect for the big dog in your life! But don’t put it under the tree until Christmas morning …

Haopee asks:

Hey Flea! Just out of curiousity… are JNC safe for human consumption too?

Okay, this is easy and difficult to answer. Jones is all natural and all grown and made in the USA. All really good stuff. But the label on everything says that it’s not for human consumption. That said, this happened.

Don't try this at home
Look at him! He chewed it up and swallowed! Then he ate the whole thing! And asked for more!

This is one of my favorite kids. And I’m pretty sure that’s a Beef Liver Taffy he’s eating. But no, it’s not meant or made for people. Honestly? It doesn’t taste very good to people. Rather bland. The only seasoning is a little salt. I think Suzy says she tastes every treat, but I have no desire to do so. It’s designed and seasoned and baked specifically for a dog’s palate.

One last question! This one from Johann the Dog concerning the Four Dog Family we featured on Wednesday.

Can you believe that some of our friends have 7 and more agility dogs in their family? Some retired, some competing and some in training….too much for Mum!

SEVEN DOGS?!? Wow. That’s impressive. I think I might actually like that if I didn’t have kids and could travel for things like agility and flyball. That would so rock.

Forgive me a couple of photos? It’s finally snowing here! First time in three winters, and I’m so excited! So is my gnome.

It's a cold gnome
Gnomie say he be chillin’
A snowy pumpkin on the porch
Opps! I forgot to bring in the pumpkin.
A snowy back garden
And this was the backyard first thing this morning

I’ll be snapping photos of Jim and the girls later. I’ll be making warm oatmeal with raisins for them as a treat here shortly. Now y’all go on and enjoy your weekend!

Spreading the good news …


18 thoughts on “Christmas! It’s a-Coming!

  1. Ooooo – that looks cold!

    Hey – last night at the farmer’s market – their resident goose hissed at me with his head lowered and charged! I had to run into the store to escape it! What in the world?? What would it have done had it caught up to me? I almost ratted him out to the owner – but no one was around.
    Blueberry’s human recently posted..Dog Clothes – Pro or ConMy Profile

  2. Thank you for saying the nicest things about my questions… is the planning for next week a going?
    stella rose
    p.s. if you drive through iowa you will see alot of pigs.

  3. We saw you on Sugar’s gift guide πŸ˜‰ My Gramma is from Buffalo, NY, they have a huge Polish community there. She always buys Polish sausage there when she visits and brings it back home with her…sometimes she shares with Mom who sneaks us a small piece πŸ˜‰ YUM!
    emma recently posted..Set Adrift | GBGV | FitDog FridayMy Profile

  4. Hi Flea, thanks for visiting CC. You are welcome to stop by my place any time on one of your road trips. I always have chocolate. You bring the turkey gumbo and stuffing. We’ll get along just fine. BTW, that dog? That bunny? That kid? That’s an overdose of blog cuteness. Pretty sure that’s not legal but I won’t tell.
    chickens consigliere recently posted..Santa Maybe….My Profile

  5. I can’t believe you got snow before I did! We had a bit of a dusting, but I don’t think it really counts. We’re supposed to get real snow this weekend. My husband and I are dreading it, but I bet Maya & Pierson can’t wait!
    Dawn recently posted..Follow Up Friday #21My Profile

  6. I wonder if your snow is melted and gone already? If I followed along on Facebook correctly, you were less enamored with it after the first day. That’s how we are here in New England too. The first snow is beautiful but it gets pretty old by February or so. πŸ™‚
    Jan K recently posted..Black & White Sunday – Squee!!!My Profile

  7. for some reason i am not getting your emails anymore….been a long time, just searched my emails. i hope that you are doing well, i remember you said you had finished your chemo?…how are you feeling. i hope that you have a wonderful holiday and may the new year bring you much happiness and health!

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