Chicken Feet for Friends

Chicken Feet for Friends

Chicken Feet for Friends

I told y’all last week that I’d be visiting friends over the weekend. College buddies. First, we all got old. I have no clue how that happened. It was just yesterday that we were young. Second, I snuck in visits with a couple of dog bloggers in Topeka, Kansas. And I brought Chicken Feet for friends. Jones Natural Chews has just begun producing Chicken Feet for dogs, so I had to try them out on other people’s dogs. I’m just nice that way. 😉

Chicken Feet From Jones Natural Chews - dogs pay attention
Chicken Feet From Jones Natural Chews – dogs pay attention

While Chicken Feet are an amazing treat for senior dogs (they’re high in glucosamine and chondroitin), they’re also great for nearly all dogs. Jones removes the claws from the feet, so there are no sharp, pointy things to worry about. And they’re crunchy, so no worries about gummy treats which can be swallowed whole. They crunch right up. Maya and Pierson, of Pet Auto Safety, kindly tried them out for me yesterday. Dawn’s dogs are so well trained and well behaved. And they seemed to remember me from previous visits. I left there covered in golden Labrador fur, happy as I could be.

ChickenFeet From Jones Natural Chews - dogs pay attention

Maya and Pierson were content because I brought them Chicken Feet and assorted treats from Jones Natural Chews. Dawn and I managed to catch up on the two years since our last visit. It was lovely. Maya and Pierson and I caught up on two years of pets. Hence the fur coat I wore.

ChickenFeet From Jones Natural Chews - dogs pay attention

More Than Chicken Feet

While I was in Topeka (a detour on my drive home from Kansas City), I worked in a visit to Kim, mom to Angel Shiloh and Lady Shasta. I’d left all of the lovely Chicken Feet with Dawn, but I really shouldn’t have. Shasta is a senior Beagle. Instead, I gave her a large handful of three inch Windees, since they’re also chock full of glucosamine and chondroitin. Initially, though, I handed Shasta a Wheezer Stick from Jones (beef esophagus). She carried it in her mouth like a cigar nearly the entire hour I was there.

Beautiful senior Beagle with a beef esophagus

Kim is wonderful, showing me Shasta tricks, and giving me a bag of amazing dark chocolates. Give me chocolate and you’re my new best friend for life.


So yes, I spent yesterday giving Jones Natural Chews to dogs. And we’re currently hosting a Chicken Feet and Duck Feet giveaway both here on the blog and on Instagram (@JonesChews on Instagram). My life is complete. Yours will be once you enter the giveaway. Your dog wants you to. So if you make your dog happy, you’ll be happy. See? Simply click this sentence, scroll down in the new window and leave a comment. Once you’ve commented, click the entry box and let it know. Voila. You’re in. If you want to make ME happy, you’ll also use that box to tweet about it, which increases your chances or scoring free treats. Win/win!

Now scoot! Enter. And give your dog a Jones Natural Chew.

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. It was a wonderful visit! I don’t blog so much anymore (the last time was on the AmericanDogBlog in October), so I’m really happy you still think of me. It’s funny how each time you visit, we live in a different house. First Lawrence, Kansas. Then Des Moines, Iowa. Then here in Topeka, Kansas!

    Sorry Maya and Pierson hogged all the chicken feet!

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