Chicken Duck Feet Giveaway

Chicken Duck Feet Giveaway

Chicken Duck Feet Giveaway

You read that right on both counts – chicken duck feet AND a giveaway! Jones Natural Chews has never, in it’s 30 year history, produced chicken or duck feet. They look kinda funny, but dogs love them. And I’m going to walk you through three things:

  1. The types of chicken duck feet Jones is creating
  2. What sets our chicken and duck feet apart
  3. Why chicken and duck feet are so good for your dog

Types of Chicken Duck Feet

I assume that the choice to carry chicken and duck feet was a big one for Jones Natural Chews. Once made, they’ve done it right. They carry four types of chicken and duck feet.

Smoked Duck Feet have a lovely, smoky scent, sure to entice your dog. My own dogs sniff them out from across the room and come looking for them, nose first.

Smoked Chicken Feet have that same lovely scent. Yum.

Chicken Duck Feet from Jones Natural Chews are the perfect treat for dogs

Baked Chicken Feet and Baked Duck Feet are just as yummy for dogs. They’re just not smoked. Trust me – your dog will still love them.

Chicken Duck Feet from Jones Natural Chews are the perfect treat for dogs

What Sets Us Apart

I don’t know how many other treat makers are doing this, but one of the owner’s greatest concerns for years was that chicken duck feet have claws. They were nervous about the sharp talons doing damage to both the esophagus and stomach lining of a dog. To remedy this, Jones removes the claws. Sure, they cost a wee bit more, but they’re a safer chew.

Chicken Duck Feet from Jones Natural Chews are the perfect treat for dogs

I love that Jones is removing the claws. They don’t look as creepy this way, either. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Why Chicken and Duck Feet Are So Good For Your Dog

Why are chicken and duck feet so good for your dog? It’s nature’s second highest source of glucosamine and chondroitin. If you didn’t already know, glucosamine and chondroitin are believed to be good for the joint health of both dogs and people. My dogs are living proof that it’s true. Jones’ Windees – beef trachea – are the highest source, but chicken and duck feet are the second highest source. It would be easy enough to give your dog one a day as a supplement. And that would make your dog smile in more ways than one.

Chicken Duck Feet from Jones Natural Chews are the perfect treat for dogs

So what’s not to love about our newest treat offering, Chicken Feet and Duck Feet? Nothing! Jones Natural Chews has again produced the perfect dog treat!


And it’s my job to give away the perfect dog treat! Man, I love my job. Paws up if your dog would love to try the chicken duck feet from Jones! All you have to do to enter to win is to:

  • Leave a comment on THIS BLOG POST
  • Click the giveaway box just below and tell it you commented (feel free to do more, since tweeting daily pretty substantially increases your chances of winning)
  • Be a resident of the contiguous US

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Easy peasy! And it’ll make your dog smile if you enter. Oh! One last thing. These aren’t in many stores yet (they’re so new!), so I’d encourage you to do one of two things – ask your local Jones Natural Chews carrier to get them; order them from Natural Dog Treat Shop!

ONE MORE way to win? Later today I’ll be posting a giveaway on Instagram. Our handle is @JonesChews. Check it out. Enter there. I just love giving away the very best dog treats ever!

Spreading the good chews …


19 thoughts on “Chicken Duck Feet Giveaway

  1. My gang hasn’t had duck or chicken feet but pheasant feet fresh from the pheasant

  2. my dog LOVES chicken feet! we havent tried duck feet yet, but im sure he would love those too!

  3. I’ve always wondered about those sharp claws I see on the chicken feet I buy. A time or two I have “de-clawed” before feeding to my guys.

  4. I never realized these were an option, as this is the first time I have seen them available. I think my dog would love these!

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