Cats and Dogs, FBM 141

Cats and Dogs, FBM 141

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today we watch funny videos of dogs and cats, since we got cats this weekend. No, I don’t have any photos. The cats disappeared immediately and haven’t been seen since Saturday when they arrived. I know they’re alive because their food is eaten during the night and the litter box fills up. So I’m looking forward, eventually, to dog and cat hijinx. But probably none like this, since both cats are fully grown.

Unfortunately, the cats and dogs relationship will probably be more like this:

And the cats themselves? I’m hoping they’re more like this:

The very least I can hope for is something like this (I love these commercials):

But seriously? This last is probably my favorite cats and dogs video. I think you’ll like it, too.

Now! If you haven’t already, please pop over and enter the treat giveaway! Because the Halloween Bow Wow Boo Bucket is the perfect thing for your dog! A bucket for trick or treating, with nine yummy treats from Jones Natural Chews! Who knows? You might be able to fit a kitten in that bucket …

Until I write again …


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