Kidding Season, Farm Dogs

Kidding Season, Farm Dogs Welcome to Wordless Wednesday, courtesy of BlogPaws! Today I take advantage of friends (no, not you … or you … you just stop that right now or I’ll report you … or you) and their weekend hospitality. Our homesteading friends are hip deep in kidding season, so we went for a … Read moreKidding Season, Farm Dogs

For Love of a Treat

For Love of a Treat A dog will do just about anything for love of a treat. A good treat. And since it’s Wordless Wednesday, thanks to our friends at BlogPaws, I’m going to show you what one dog would do for love of a treat. A Jones Natural Chew. First a touch of back … Read moreFor Love of a Treat

Meat and Bones, Naturally

Dog Jokes and dog personalities

Meat and Bones, Naturally Just because I know all about what goes into a Jones Natural Chew doesn’t mean that you do, right? It’s meat and bones, naturally. And I don’t use the word naturally lightly. After nearly two years of blogging for Jones – and Jones Natural Chews has been around for nearly three … Read moreMeat and Bones, Naturally

A Study in Dogs

Throw Back Thursday - dog blogging becomes my reality

A Study in Dogs Happy Wordless Wednesday, thanks to BlogPaws! Today’s study in dogs is a photo journey with some beauties I’ve spent time with the last month or so. One of my challengers as a dog blogger, but especially as the blogger for Jones Natural Chews, is getting photos of dogs enjoying our treats. They’re … Read moreA Study in Dogs

Better Than a Klondike Bar

Better than a Klondike Bar

Better Than a Klondike Bar What’s better than a Klondike Bar? Nothing. But if you ask a dog, they’ll tell you that a Jones Natural Chew is better than a Klondike Bar. And in the dog world, that would be the right answer. I spent Saturday with my homesteading friends, and their dogs all agree … Read moreBetter Than a Klondike Bar

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