Dogs I Met in Louisiana (and Gave Treats To)

Cute Chihuahua mix

HAVE YOU ENTERED THE NOVEMBER GIVEAWAY? DO IT NOW! That title – I’m obviously title-impaired. There are scads of extra photos of the dogs I met in Louisiana, so I’m taking advantage of today’s post and allowing y’all to say hello to some adorable pups all at once. Because it’s Wordless Wednesday (sponsored by Blog … Read moreDogs I Met in Louisiana (and Gave Treats To)

A Dog Seat Cover Review, With Separate Giveaway

A movie/DVD giveaway

Yes, you read that correctly. I’ll be doing a dog seat cover review, but the giveaway is something else entirely. I like the seat cover and am keeping it. So there. Lookit! Dawn, at Pet Auto Safety blog, sent me the coolest hat a couple of weeks ago, and in the box was this seat … Read moreA Dog Seat Cover Review, With Separate Giveaway

Wordless Wednesday

Brussels Griffon

Yes, I’m taking a brief break from Breed of the Week and participating in Wordless Wednesday. It’s a breed day, don’t get me wrong. I’d like it to be a photo day (out late, having my picture taken with Weird Al), just reviewing past breeds we’ve seen here. I was able to treat most of … Read moreWordless Wednesday

Winner Wednesday (or, I Forgot to Choose a Winner Last Week)

Colored Pencil Australian Shepherd - Clee-o passed of cancer

Y’all, I am so sorry about not choosing a winner for the Rin Tin Tin book last week. No excuses. So I’ve gone to the random number generator and have come away with a winner. And the winner is … GIZMO! Yes indeedy! Gizmo, of Terrier Torrent, is the winner of the book giveaway! Gizmo … Read moreWinner Wednesday (or, I Forgot to Choose a Winner Last Week)

Wordless Wednesday, Agility

Border Collie Tube

Today’s Wordless Wednesday, Agility is brought to you by the letter H, for Headache. We will discuss rescue dogs and where YOU can go to adopt them tomorrow. For now? I’m loving the Wordless Wednesday cheat. Did I say cheat? I meant treat! Treat! As in Sit! Stay! Here’s a treat! Until tomorrow, here are some … Read moreWordless Wednesday, Agility

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