Great Dane Stole My Heart

Blue and white Great Dane stole my heart- funny Great Danes are on the menu today for Funny Bone Monday!

A Great Dane Stole My Heart Y’all, I just had to recycle this post. Yesterday was my 50th birthday. I’m reminiscing. You’ll see, at the bottom of this post. And today I’ll be driving all over the outlying towns of Tulsa, looking for a house. So we’re not homeless come November. So while you’re reading … Read moreGreat Dane Stole My Heart

Wherein I Solicit Sympathy

I'm soliciting sympathy

Yes, this is the post wherein I solicit sympathy. Actually, I’m hoping to say this just once and let this be the last time I talk about it, but I know that it will effect future posts, so y’all need to know. Yesterday I was diagnosed with cancer. Rectal cancer, or as my child so … Read moreWherein I Solicit Sympathy

2015 Year in Review

Saying grace

ENTER THE RABBIT ENTREE’ JERKY GIVEAWAY DAILY VIA TWEET!! It’s New Years Eve. My JetPack plugin sent me my 2015 year in review, and I thought I’d share with y’all. It fascinates me, anyway, and if you’re a blogger, I recommend JetPack as a plugin. We’re going to look at two things – top five … Read more2015 Year in Review

A Great Time with Dogs

Chewy and his first mom, reunited again

Sorry to miss yesterday. Traveling makes for an awkward schedule at times, but a great time! Speaking of a great time, have you entered the Chewer’s Gift Christmas treat giveaway yet? Your dog will have a great time gnawing and chewing on these treats! I’m in Duluth, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, and am having … Read moreA Great Time with Dogs

5 Habits of Successful Dogs

Dog dietary issues aren't lost on Patches

Today we discuss the 5 habits of successful dogs. What is a successful dog? you ask. We’re going to compare and contrast to successful people and see how it plays out. Maybe we’ll both understand successful dogs when we’re done. Right up front, though, a successful dog is one which wins the Jones Natural Chews … Read more5 Habits of Successful Dogs

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