Yorkshire Terrier, Breed of the Week

Cute Yorkie

Yorkshire Terrier, Breed of the Week I was told, years ago by a breeder, that it’s a fierce hunter, the Yorkshire Terrier. Wednesday is our breed of the week day, which usually means that I’m learning right along with y’all. I’m going into this post thinking I already know a lot, since we had a … Read moreYorkshire Terrier, Breed of the Week

You Better Not Be Lying

The Old Man knows when you're lying

I’mma be up front and honest. There are times when I give my dogs treats which aren’t Jones Natural Chews. There are extenuating circumstances, people! When someone hand-makes cookies for dogs and gives me some. Or when I’m at a conference and come home with a bag full of goodies which everyone was given (though … Read moreYou Better Not Be Lying

Dog Adoption, Personally

Brussels Griffon mix

Today’s topic is personal. Yes, I’m a dog adoption mom. All three of my babies are dog adoptions. It’s been a raging success. But there’s a very personal example of a dog adoption failure, and I came *this close* to not saying anything about it. But I need your help. It’s killing me inside. It’s … Read moreDog Adoption, Personally

The Coffee Cup is Empty and the Dog Won’t Leave Me Alone

Adorable Affenpinsch mutt face

I hate mornings like this one. My coffee cup is empty and the little dog won’t leave me alone. Y’all, I’m new to having small dogs (in my past life I called them drop-kick dogs). Small, yappy things, ankle biters, nuisance with fur on. Chewy, our Affenpinscher mutt, is only one of those things. Or … Read moreThe Coffee Cup is Empty and the Dog Won’t Leave Me Alone

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