Visiting Jones Natural Chews

Wild ducks like treats, too

Visiting Jones Natural Chews Today is the second part of the road trip I took when visiting Jones Natural Chews headquarters for the first time. We’re celebrating our fifth blogaversary for Jones, so I’m revisiting the very first blog posts from five years back. We’re also giving some lucky dog their very own treats, if you’ll … Read more

Unicycle, Tattoos, Nipple Ring – Oh MY!

A sick hen in the bathroom

I Wanted a Unicycle Today’s unicycle post is gently recycled and … odd. Read on and see. Stay tuned at the end for the giveaway. My middle child will be 19 at the end of the month. He’s the kind of boy who likes to master odd things. He’s in a pre-engineering program at the … Read more

Visiting Jones Natural Chews

Jones Natural Chews Mascot

Visiting Jones Natural Chews This month celebrates four years of blogging for Jones Natural Chews! Today we take a little trip down memory lane, back to those fuzzy beginnings when the Jones crew sent for me. I drove from Tulsa to northern Illinois to visit Jones Natural Chews facilities, and it was fantastic! My blogging … Read more

Mini BlogPaws, Tulsa

Mini BlogPaws in Tulsa

Mini BlogPaws, Tulsa A mini BlogPaws happened in Tulsa this week. WARNING: Today’s post is photo-heavy. I know I’ve been moaning about not being able to attend BlogPaws last week, and rightly so – it’s the biggest dog blogging event there is, and all my bloggy friends attended. Not going is a sad thing. Plus, … Read more

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