I Signed Up to Volunteer

Aussie mix puppies

I Signed Up to Volunteer I signed up to volunteer at a Humane Society shelter. I did it, y’all. And I left without a dog, to boot. Let me tell you how it all went down, in case you’re thinking of volunteering at your local Humane Society. Oh, fair warning – photos are fuzzy. Snapping … Read moreI Signed Up to Volunteer

Shelter Awareness

Shelter awareness is a year long thing

Shelter Awareness I have a big fat confession to make. Wednesdays are supposed to be shelter awareness days. I made that decision. And aside from my one trip to the local shelter to adopt Bosco the cat, I haven’t been back. Because I’m a coward. Y’all, it was everything I could do not to walk … Read moreShelter Awareness

Consider Adopting Dogs

Dogs don't care where they come from

Consider Adopting Dogs Have you considered adopting dogs? My own dogs are rescue dogs. I know y’all have never seen them before and have no idea how gorgeous they are. *wink* Flash and Patches, if you don’t know their story, are litter mates. Their mama was an Australian shepherd and their daddy was the German … Read moreConsider Adopting Dogs

You Can’t Replace a Pet

You can't replace a pet - kiss your dog

You Can’t Replace a Pet No, you just can’t replace a pet. It’s impossible. But today we tried. We went to the animal shelter across town because we thought they had our missing cat. Here’s our cat, Lou, who’s been missing about a month and a half. He’s my son’s cat, about nine years old. … Read moreYou Can’t Replace a Pet

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