3 Dog Treat Things, FBM 163

Jones Natural Chews at Southern Agriculture in Tulsa, Oklahoma

3 Dog Treat Things Happy Funny Bone Monday! Before we jump into videos, I have three quick dog treat things to throw out there. I’ll be announcing the winner of the Soft Taffy Chicken Blend contest at the very end of this post Tomorrow I’ll be announcing a new dog treat giveaway, so definitely be … Read more

Swinging Dogs, FBM 161

Beagle with a JNC Hoof, long lasting dog chews

Swinging dogs, the Funny Bone Monday theme this week! We also announce the winner of the Jones Natural Chews Knee Cap at the end of today’s post. And why swinging dogs? Because they’re laid back, relaxed. The serene looks on their faces is both hilarious and calming. I have an oncology appointment this morning, so … Read more

Make Your Dog Howl, FBM 155

Make your dog howl

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Do you like to make your dog howl? Is your dog a natural howler? Gather your pups and watch today’s funny videos and tell me if your dogs howl along! I’ll be announcing the Rabbit Entree’ Jerky winner at the end of this post, by the way. That handsome beast is … Read more

Birthday Dog Videos, FBM 151

Modeled after her own little Shih Tzu, this Christmas ornament is reasonably priced.

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today is my mom’s birthday, and you only turn 70 once, so we’re going to be watching birthday dog videos, as well as taking a peek at some of my mom’s work. Let’s start with some funny birthday dogs, shall we? You guys! I want to do this for Chewy! And … Read more

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