Working Dogs, FBM 239

Mako the Malinois - Working dogs come in all shapes and sizes

Working Dogs Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today is Labor Day, a day, in the US, to celebrate the working man and woman, as well as working dogs! I appreciate each and every one of you who make sure that my electricity stays on, the water comes from the tap, the gasoline makes it to my … Read moreWorking Dogs, FBM 239

Funny Dogs in Shoes, FBM

Sugar Yoda

Funny Dogs in Shoes Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s videos, funny dogs in shoes, put me in mind of Sugar Golden Woofs and her pretty purple shoes, which she wore so well. Y’all go say hi to Koru Bear, the sweet Golden who’s trying to fill her shoes. Dogs like Sugar wear shoes for a … Read moreFunny Dogs in Shoes, FBM

Gotcha Day, FBM 112

"I'll do anything for a treat."

Gotcha Day Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today is Chewy’s Gotcha Day celebration! He’s officially been a resident at Casa de Pulga for one year. His foster mom and dad are amazing people and I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank them for the months they spent loving and training our Chew Monster. We’re all celebrating … Read moreGotcha Day, FBM 112

Funny Great Danes, FBM, 55

Blue and white Great Dane stole my heart- funny Great Danes are on the menu today for Funny Bone Monday!

Funny Great Danes Happy Funny Bone Monday! Yes, I went looking for funny Great Danes this morning. Something tells me that Sugar, who love love loves her bananas, would have a tough time explaining this funny Great Dane’s behavior. That Dane needs to eat that banana. Chances are good he’ll like it. And funny Great … Read moreFunny Great Danes, FBM, 55

Dogs Eating, FBM 5

Dogs eating

Dogs Eating, the Videos I’m in the hospital, so today’s post is a gently used one from 2013. Pray for me! Dogs eating on Funny Bone Monday? Today I bring you fun videos of dogs and food! Why dogs and food? Because it’s the first Monday of the new year and I am NOT making an … Read moreDogs Eating, FBM 5

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