Proudly Made in the USA

Made in the USA, certified - all Jones Natural Chews bear this symbol with pride

Proudly Made in the USA Today’s post, Proudly Made in the USA, is gently recycled. I don’t think I can stress enough the importance of US made dog treats, as well as all natural dog treats. So, while the dog deaths have lessened greatly, the need to buy American and all natural is still vital. … Read more

Valentine’s Day Gift for Dogs

Wuv You treats from Jones Natural Chews? Yes, please.

Do you give your dog gifts? Jones Natural Chews makes a Valentine’s Day gift for dogs! And not a collar or jacket or bed or toy. Jones makes gifts which every dog is guaranteed to love, love, love. In fact, we’re giving one lucky dog a gift, so make sure to read to the bottom … Read more

Funny Dogs Exercising, FBM 58

Suave old dog

Happy Funny Bone Monday! How many of us have made it our New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Eat healthier? Exercise? And along with Slim Doggy, how many of us are exercising with our dogs? I thought funny dogs exercising would be a nice reminder for those of us who’ve fallen off the resolution wagon … Read more

Beef Trachea – Love it or Hate it? (Windees)

Cute little Pug

I gave Windees (beef trachea) to four dogs this weekend. Meekah, a Pug; Brooke, a hefty Rat Terrier; Drake, a black Lab; Roxy, a senior dappled Dachshund. I was surprised at the reactions this Windee got from the dogs. Very surprised. Meekah and Brooke I expected – they sniffed the Windee and gave it a … Read more

TBT – Throw Back Thursday, Dog Style

IF YOU HAVEN’T ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY FOR TREATS, GO DO THAT NOW!! Not to be confused with my friend, Doggy Style, today’s post is nostalgic. Occasionally a little TBT, or Throw Back Thursday, can be fun. Let’s jump in the Wayback Machine and go back to 1988 with the best songs of the year … … Read more

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