A Brief History of Jones Natural Chews

It's a family business - the history of Jones Natural Chews

A Brief History of Jones Natural Chews A question I asked myself when taking on this blog was, “Where on earth do I begin?” My Hunny reminded me that simple is always best. Start at the beginning! So today will be a little history lesson. Pop some popcorn and come along for the ride. Um, … Read more

Preparing for Disaster with Pets

Storm clouds over Tulsa - my dogs hate the rain

Preparing for Disaster with Pets Today’s post is gently recycled, but certainly timely. Please share? Preparing for disaster with pets is pertinent to Hurricane Harvey and the coming storm season. Monday’s Mischief is not a fun post today. There’s mischief brewing in the Gulf of Mexico today that has little to do with dogs and … Read more

Cancer Sucks

Jones Natural Chews - dogs know the difference

Cancer Sucks Period. Yes, this is a dog blog. But I’m currently undergoing chemo, and cancer sucks. For dogs. For people. Here’s my story in a nutshell, as well as how it effects my dogs. The Symptoms Late last summer I noticed I was spotting. I thought it was a menopausal thing. Then I traveled … Read more

Cancer Update and Giveaway Reminder

A cancer update and chicken taffy giveaway

Flea’s Cancer Update I feel rather like a fraud, posting a cancer update. I’m still in some weird stage of asking myself, “Do I really have cancer? Is my experience anything like anyone else’s?” I know I’m not a dog with cancer (y’know, this being a dog blog and all), but I think it’s helpful … Read more

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