I Was Afraid of Ebola?

Scared of life

Do y’all remember last week when I was a blubbering mess, afraid┬áthat the Ebola was going to eat my family alive? Jen, over at My Brown Newfies, has posted a list of tips on how to talk with your dogs about the Ebola (“the” Ebola is an inside joke here). First, click over to read … Read more

My Current Obsession

Digital pet portraits

My current obsession is our new puppy, Chewy, whom we believe is an Affenpinscher. Who’s the cutest little puppy ever? Chewy is the cutest little puppy ever! That said, cute only goes so far. This is – My Hunny’s dog, officially Still a puppy, chewing whatever is in reach, and EVERYTHING is in reach for … Read more

Which is the Right Dog For You?

French Bulldog

We’re making noises about our next dog, since Flash and Patches are nearly 12. We’re not wishing them dead, just knowing that older dogs do a better job of training younger dogs in some ways. And younger dogs bring new life to older dogs, giving them more time with us, happier time here. Generally. But … Read more

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