5 Dog New Years Resolutions

Can we be done making resolutions now? www.DogTreatWeb.com

THE RABBIT ENTREE’ JERKY GIVEAWAY IS STILL OPEN! ENTER NOW!! Do you make New Years resolutions? I typically don’t. I learned, years ago, while working as a psych tech with eating disordered women, that resolutions can be a harmful thing for some people. I think, like most things, though, that New Years resolutions are what … Read more

My Dog Was Pacing and Panting

Pacing and panting just he night before, my senior Aussie is at the vet

My Dog Was Pacing and Panting¬†is a republish of a popular post, running again because a friend’s dog recently had the same issue. Her Layla was pacing and acting unlike herself. Layla lives in California, so friends conjectured that it could be an earthquake pending, or bad weather. Turns out it was construction nearby, the … Read more

The Problem With a Jealous Dog

Flash and Patches - Processing loss is so much harder when you've made the decision to help senior dogs cross the Rainbow Bridge

HAVE YOU ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY? I think I have a problem with a jealous dog. I think. Well, I’m pretty sure. We have two cats now, for the first time in years (we’ve been a one cat family for more than a decade). Say hi to Velveeta and Beyonce’. Flash and Patches have never liked … Read more

3 Things Your Dog Doesn’t Tell You

Dogs don't care where they come from

3 Things Your Dog Doesn’t Tell You   Dogs don’t care where they come from. It’s true. Dogs don’t care if they’re northern or southern, eastern or western, purebred or mutt, breeder or rescue, from another country, from someone’s backyard. Dogs just don’t care. Here’s what dogs do care about: A) ¬†Having enough food B) … Read more

Perineal Hernia

Brussels Griffon is sad

Yeah, today we’re talking about fun stuff. Perineal hernias. What? That’s fun. Not. But first, I am not a veterinarian and have no medical training. I just happened to adopt a dog for my mother which had a perineal hernia. So we’re going to walk through what’s happened so far, as well as what looks … Read more

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