3 Things Your Dog Doesn’t Tell You

Dogs don't care where they come from

3 Things Your Dog Doesn’t Tell You   Dogs don’t care where they come from. It’s true. Dogs don’t care if they’re northern or southern, eastern or western, purebred or mutt, breeder or rescue, from another country, from someone’s backyard. Dogs just don’t care. Here’s what dogs do care about: A) ¬†Having enough food B) … Read more

Perineal Hernia

Brussels Griffon is sad

Yeah, today we’re talking about fun stuff. Perineal hernias. What? That’s fun. Not. But first, I am not a veterinarian and have no medical training. I just happened to adopt a dog for my mother which had a perineal hernia. So we’re going to walk through what’s happened so far, as well as what looks … Read more

I Was Afraid of Ebola?

Scared of life

Do y’all remember last week when I was a blubbering mess, afraid¬†that the Ebola was going to eat my family alive? Jen, over at My Brown Newfies, has posted a list of tips on how to talk with your dogs about the Ebola (“the” Ebola is an inside joke here). First, click over to read … Read more

My Current Obsession

Digital pet portraits

My current obsession is our new puppy, Chewy, whom we believe is an Affenpinscher. Who’s the cutest little puppy ever? Chewy is the cutest little puppy ever! That said, cute only goes so far. This is – My Hunny’s dog, officially Still a puppy, chewing whatever is in reach, and EVERYTHING is in reach for … Read more

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