Asking for Advice

Good dogs wait their turn for Rabbit Entree' Jerky from Jones

Asking for Advice I need advice. I have these two cute little dogs. One has rear end issues, documented here, so he needs soft food. It’s the first time in my life I’ve fed dogs soft food. I hate it. It’s been a struggle for over a year. Funny thing is, it’s not so much … Read moreAsking for Advice

What Am I Missing?

Can we be done making resolutions now?

What Am I Missing? I’m asking myself that question a lot, having cancer and undergoing chemo. And, for the record, the cancer might have been killing me slowly, but the chemo is kicking my butt big time.With little things. All the things I’m missing. For instance – Other People’s Dogs One of the best parts … Read moreWhat Am I Missing?

It’s Shedding Time

Flash and Patches - Processing loss is so much harder when you've made the decision to help senior dogs cross the Rainbow Bridge

Shedding – Is That a Problem? Does your dog shed? What a silly question! And this time of year – whether it’s spring or fall where you live – your dog is probably shedding right now, or is about to. Now, let me ask you bloggers a question – do you get spam email telling … Read moreIt’s Shedding Time

5 Dog New Years Resolutions

Can we be done making resolutions now?

THE RABBIT ENTREE’ JERKY GIVEAWAY IS STILL OPEN! ENTER NOW!! Do you make New Years resolutions? I typically don’t. I learned, years ago, while working as a psych tech with eating disordered women, that resolutions can be a harmful thing for some people. I think, like most things, though, that New Years resolutions are what … Read more5 Dog New Years Resolutions

My Dog Was Pacing and Panting

Pacing and panting just he night before, my senior Aussie is at the vet

My Dog Was Pacing and Panting is a republish of a popular post, running again because a friend’s dog recently had the same issue. Her Layla was pacing and acting unlike herself. Layla lives in California, so friends conjectured that it could be an earthquake pending, or bad weather. Turns out it was construction nearby, the … Read moreMy Dog Was Pacing and Panting

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