Does Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

Sleeping Brussels Griffon is so cute!!

Does Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed? Does your dog sleep in your bed? Always? Sometimes? On special occasions? Is this a silly question? Some of you are thinking, “Of course this is a silly question. All dogs should sleep in the bed. Duh.” Others are thinking, “That’s a stupid question! Why on earth would … Read more

5 Home Remedies for Joint Pain in Dogs

Senior dogs love Windees from Jones Natural Chews - helps alleviate joint pain in dogs

5 Home Remedies for Joint Pain in Dogs It’s spring again in Oklahoma, which means joint pain for my senior dogs. Today we’re discussing 5 home remedies for joint pain in dogs. I’ll tell you what’s most widely suggested to bring relief, as well as what I find works for my dogs. My dogs, btw, … Read more

Continuing Saga of Dog and Duck

A sweet, nuzzling drake

Continuing Saga of Dog and Duck Dog and duck. Most days I’m madly in love with all four dogs and my duck. Today is not one of those days. The four dogs are friends. Well, the large ones tolerate the small ones. The smallest one is easily irritated by the rest of them. And Chewy … Read more

Dog People are the Best People

But you said there'd be treats for good dogs - dog people give their dogs the best treats

Dog People are the Best People Yes, “Dog people are the best people” is a totally subjective statement. I know you cat people are getting your knickers in a twist about now. And you fish people. And you bald eagle people. Whatevs. Dog people are so totally the best people. And here’s why. Six Reasons … Read more

Spooky Dog iPhone Photos

Spooky Dog iPhone Photos Y’all, I had the creepiest experience last night. Spooky dog iPhone photos. Seriously. You have to tell me if this has happened to you. It all began when I picked up a one dollar shamrock head band thingy for the dogs. How could I not force my dogs to wear this … Read more

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