Dog Personalities

Dog Jokes and dog personalities

Dog Personalities Dog personalities? Yes! What personality is your dog? I have a hard enough time keeping track of my own personality! Today’s post is gently recycled, prior to the introduction of Chewy and Gadget to our home. My second round of chemo was yesterday and my hands are shaking like a leaf. No nausea, … Read more

3 Things About Dog’s Digestion

Liza the Bull Terrier foster dog needs a home

3 Things You Should Know About Your Dog’s Digestion A dog’s digestion is a funny thing. From the viewpoint of a dog owner of 40 plus years, as well as a researcher and observer,  I’m gonna tell you right now that many dogs will eat just about ANYTHING. Take, for instance, my brother-in-law’s Rottweiler, Bear. Bear ate … Read more

Dog Dietary Needs

Dog dietary issues aren't lost on Patches

Dog Dietary Needs – Pain as an Indicator I’m in the hospital, so today’s post is a gently used one from 2012. Pray for me! Dog dietary needs are a big deal to some, a non-issue to others. Today is a laid-back chill kind of day here at Casa de Pulga. Mostly because Pulga (Flea) … Read more

Asking for Advice

Good dogs wait their turn for Rabbit Entree' Jerky from Jones

Asking for Advice I need advice. I have these two cute little dogs. One has rear end issues, documented here, so he needs soft food. It’s the first time in my life I’ve fed dogs soft food. I hate it. It’s been a struggle for over a year. Funny thing is, it’s not so much … Read more

What Am I Missing?

Can we be done making resolutions now?

What Am I Missing? I’m asking myself that question a lot, having cancer and undergoing chemo. And, for the record, the cancer might have been killing me slowly, but the chemo is kicking my butt big time.With little things. All the things I’m missing. For instance – Other People’s Dogs One of the best parts … Read more

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