Stuffed Bone Giveaway

A Beagle and a stuffed bone for long lasting dog chews

Have you ever given your dog a stuffed bone? I met THE most adorable dogs yesterday and gave one of them the Bandit’s Bone, a stuffed bone from Jones. Meet Lola and TJ. Along with some Pig Ear Snax, which we’ll talk about next week, I brought a Bandit’s Bone, Jones’ yummy beef stuffed bone. Lola, … Read moreStuffed Bone Giveaway

Lamb Shank and Jumbo Bones, Giveaway

Lamb Shank Bone from Jones

We’re tackling both ends of the bone spectrum today, as well as tackling a giveaway! It’s November, so I want to make sure that dogs of all sizes have much to be thankful for. For starters, dogs are thankful for Jones always being an all natural treat, as well as always being grown and produced … Read moreLamb Shank and Jumbo Bones, Giveaway

Hooves and Sausage Sticks Giveaway

French Bulldog

Happy Tasty Tuesday, this first Tuesday in August! Being the first Tuesday of the month, it’s also a giveaway! This month we celebrate the wonder of Jones Natural Chews Hooves and Sausage Sticks. Chewy and I were testing the Sausage Sticks last night, just for y’all’s benefit. He’s a fan. What’s so beautiful about each … Read moreHooves and Sausage Sticks Giveaway

All Natural Giveaway

Beef Liver Taffy Snapz from Jones

April is the month for the A to Z blogging challenge. Today’s A is All Natural! What better way to start the month – and a giveaway – than what Jones Natural Chews is known for? And what are we giving away today? Why, it’s the winner’s choice of a Knee Cap … or Dog … Read moreAll Natural Giveaway

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