Giveaways Galore

But you said there'd be treats for good dogs - dog people give their dogs the best treats

It’s a Follow Up Friday, with giveaways galore to talk about. As well as cute dogs to see, naturally. We’ll start with a cute dog. Jones Natural Chew is the Good Stuff There are giveaways galore happening currently, with Jones Natural Chews being the grand prize, as well as giveaways up and coming. Our current giveaway, as … Read moreGiveaways Galore

What is a Saddle Joint, or Saddle Knuckle? Giveaway

The Saddle Knuckle is a femur cap

What is a saddle joint, or saddle knuckle? Are they the same thing? The featured treat for the next two weeks is the Beef Saddle Knuckle from Jones Natural Chews. Is the saddle knuckle the same thing as the saddle joint? My Google searches were indeterminate, so I asked my boss. Here’s what she said. … Read moreWhat is a Saddle Joint, or Saddle Knuckle? Giveaway

BlogPaws Swag Giveaway

BlogPaws swag giveaway

HAVE YOU ENTERED THE TREAT GIVEAWAY? DO IT NOW! (opens in new tab) Do you know how lucky you are? We holding two giveaways this week! TWO! The first is the treat giveaway, for a package of yummy Rocky’s Rollers for your dog. The second? Swag! BlogPaws has awesome swag every year at their conferences, … Read moreBlogPaws Swag Giveaway

All Natural Treat Giveaway

Rat Terrier checks out the Shank Bone

Happy Tasty Tuesday, everyone! Our all natural treat giveaway, which happens the first Tuesday of every month, features the Steer Sticks and the L Bone, both single ingredient treats from Jones Natural Chews. And we have two lovely dogs, today, who were willing to show off the chewability of these yummy treats! A couple of … Read moreAll Natural Treat Giveaway

Dog Writers and Giveaway

Wham-O Dog Frisbee giveaway

Y’all, tomorrow we’ll be talking about the Pug wedding, Pugs for Pinky, with Rose and Kismet, but today we’re having a giveaway. Because I love you. So today we’ll talk a little bit about the Dog Writer’s Association of America – did you KNOW there was such a thing?!? Why didn’t you TELL me?! – … Read moreDog Writers and Giveaway

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