GIVEAWAY: Stockings for Santa’s Four-Legged Helpers

The holiday season is here, full of potlucks and parties galore. For us humans, that means inevitably eating one too many of Santa’s cookies. For our furry family members, this can mean filling up on extra table scraps. Our guests can’t help it, our four-legged friends are just too cute to ignore when they beg … Read more

Stuffed Windees Giveaway

Stuffed Windees Stuffed Windees are the treat you never knew your dog couldn’t live without. Seriously. I’ve been begging Jones Natural Chews to make this for YEARS. Jodi Chick, over at Kol’s Notes, has been stuffing her own Windees for her dogs for a long time, as have I, but the results are messier. These … Read more

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