Super Commercials, FBM 211

Liza the Bull Terrier foster dog needs a home

Super Commercials Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? Do you watch just for the super commercials? I’ll tell you a little secret about myself. I don’t watch football. My siblings and I were football orphans growing up, and I know the game, but no longer care for it. When I do watch a … Read more

Chuck Norris, FBM 210

Gimme those dog treats! Chuck Norris action on these Valentine's Day treats from Jones Natural Chews

Chuck Norris Happy Funny Bone Monday! Chuck Norris? Really? Let me tell you a little secret. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Chuck Norris film, or even seen a full episode of Walker, Texas Ranger (I tried. Once.). But I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chuck Norris humor. Oh em gee. For instance: When Chuck Norris … Read more

Happy Frenchies, FBM 209

Louie the French Dog - happy Frenchies

Happy Frenchies Happy Funny Bone Monday! Happy Frenchies are on the docket today. These clownish little dogs, with their giant ears and smooshed faces, make people smile. What French Bulldog wouldn’t make us smile? So happy Frenchies it is. We’ll start with an adorable compilation of Frenchies. Our next happy Frenchies video made the cut … Read more

Hippy Dippy Weather, FBM 208

Golden Retriever at Westminster

Hippy Dippy Weather We’re not the only ones in the country having hippy dippy weather, are we? Here in Tulsa it was 70 degrees, then nine degrees, then 70, then 30 – all in less than two weeks. I’m thinking we’re not the only ones. And who remembers George Carlin’s comedy sketch, The Hippy Dippy … Read more

Duck? Dog? You Decide, FBM 207

Kona dog and the Blog Paws duckling - National Dog Day

Duck? Dog? You Decide Yesterday Gadget pooped in the house. It’s the duck’s fault. We have an ongoing battle between duck and dog here, and often the duck wins. So you can see why our first Funny Bone Monday video appealed to me. I need one of these for Gadget. First, because he bites when … Read more

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