Five Funny Years, FBM 234

Happy birthday wishes to yoooooooou! Five funny years!

Five Funny Years Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today we continue to celebrate our Jones Natural Chews five year blogaversary – five funny years of dog and animal videos. Thank you for being here and enjoying the ride! Today we enjoy dogs celebrating birthdays, which, happily enough, can be hilarious. Check it out, and stayed tuned, … Read moreFive Funny Years, FBM 234

Funny Dog Treat, FBM 233

These ARE the treats I'm looking for - Jones Natural Chews funny dog treat

Funny Dog Treat Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s topic is funny dog treat – weird, huh? It’s been too long since our funny dog videos revolved around treats, and treats are what we do. This month, especially, celebrating our five year anniversary as the official blog for Jones Natural Chews, we want to enjoy the … Read moreFunny Dog Treat, FBM 233

Dog and Calf are Friends, FBM 231

We added a calf to our family

Dog and Calf are Friends We spent this weekend at our friends’ homestead. I go to play with the livestock guardian dogs, and Hunny goes to feed our calf, Mignon, and learn more about homesteading. Of course I play with the calf. Of course. And I watch the interplay between Mignon and the other farm … Read moreDog and Calf are Friends, FBM 231

Dog Doesn’t Do Mondays, FBM 219

Sleeping yellow lab pup doesn't do Mondays

Dog Doesn’t Do Mondays This dog doesn’t do Mondays. By this dog I mean me. Y’all, I’m dragging today. Do you know why I started Funny Bone Monday? Years and years ago, I had my own blog, The Good Flea. Mondays were pretty tough. The kids would all go to school. Hunny would leave for … Read moreDog Doesn’t Do Mondays, FBM 219

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