Why Your Dog Needs a Duck

The duck and the dog - what frightens your dog?

Your dog needs a duck. Face it – you’ve been thinking this for a long time. I’m the only person brave enough to tell you straight up – your dog needs a duck. You might be asking yourself the question, “Does my dog really need a duck?” Friend, yes. And let me tell you why, … Read moreWhy Your Dog Needs a Duck

The Dog House, FBM 106

Celtic cross, tooled in leather

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Yesterday was our anniversary, me and the Hunny. Twenty three years with this man: It was a quiet day. No dog house for my Hunny. My gift to my Hunny was a purse. I went with him to Tandy Leather and picked out a shoulder so he could make me a … Read moreThe Dog House, FBM 106

Thanks for All the Fish

Ryan Gosling's butt

Funny Bone Monday is my favorite day of the week. Today we celebrate all the fish, even though fish isn’t an ingredient in any of  Jones’ treats. Jones is in farm country, surrounded by corn. Fish is for wussies, right? Unless you’re this fish. All the fish should be like this fish. And these next … Read moreThanks for All the Fish

It’s Monday ALREADY?! FBM 75

Sad little Affen

It’s Monday already? Happy Funny Bone Monday, from the middle of the country, on another rainy day. The first pup in today’s funny video lineup says exactly what I feel every morning. Made me wonder how many other dogs feel this way. How many other brilliant dogs there are that know getting up in the … Read moreIt’s Monday ALREADY?! FBM 75

Heroic Military Dogs, FBM 73

Tribute to Veterans

Honoring those fallen in service of our county, both two legged and four, today’s Funny Bone Monday is dedicated to heroes. Heroic men and women who serve our country, as well as heroic military dogs. Thank you. You might want to grab your tissues. The next video is awesome. TED has a military dog training … Read moreHeroic Military Dogs, FBM 73

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