It’s Monday ALREADY?! FBM 75

Sad little Affen

It’s Monday already? Happy Funny Bone Monday, from the middle of the country, on another rainy day. The first pup in today’s funny video lineup says exactly what I feel every morning. Made me wonder how many other dogs feel this way. How many other brilliant dogs there are that know getting up in the … Read more

Heroic Military Dogs, FBM 73

Tribute to Veterans

Honoring those fallen in service of our county, both two legged and four, today’s Funny Bone Monday is dedicated to heroes. Heroic men and women who serve our country, as well as heroic military dogs. Thank you. You might want to grab your tissues. The next video is awesome. TED has a military dog training … Read more

Newborn Lamb, FBM 70

Bob the lamb

So this weekend we had a newborn lamb. Less than 24 hours, but I fell head over heels in love with little Bob the lamb. ┬áIsn’t he the cutest thing EVER?! I asked my boss if I could bring him to Blog Paws. So for today’s Funny Bone Monday, we get cute lamb videos! It’s … Read more

Fetch! Funny Bone Monday 63

Cold duck on ice

Happy Funny Bone Monday! And Mischief Monday! My Hunny set out to fetch up some great videos this weekend! Check out my favorite – We laughed SO HARD watching that video. I hope you had the sound on while watching. Here’s one I hope makes you smile. Misaki, does your mommy ever use one of … Read more

He Looks Like a Monkey, FBM 62

Affenpinscher puppy face

Y’all, we did it. We adopted a lap dog. The ugliest cute lap dog ever. And Hunny is over the moon in love. Check him out: He looks like a monkey. Seriously. The rescue thinks he’s at least part Affenpinscher. I think he’s most, if not all, Affenpinscher. I mean, just look at that face! … Read more

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