Dogs in Costumes, FBM 146

Senior Aussie mixes wait for a Jones Natural Chew

Happy Funny Bone Monday! If you haven’t already, tap here to open another window to enter our Twister beef bully stick giveaway, then here to open another window to see all of the current Jones Natural Chews giveaways in progress. Your dog will thank you. Naturally. So are you dressing your dog for Halloween this … Read more

Funny Old Dogs, FBM 145

Man's best friend loves Jones Natural Chews on National Mutt Day and every day

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today we announce the Beef Saddle Knuckle winner, but first, a tribute to funny old dogs. My own senior Aussie mixes are in the last days and it’s breaking my heart. So we’re going to enjoy funny old dogs together today, yes?   What a sweetheart. I can’t tell you how … Read more

Puss in Boots? Please. FBM 139

Sugar the Golden Retriever - saying goodbye to friends is the hardest thing

ENTER THE VENISON ENTREE SAUSAGE GIVEAWAY NOW!!! Happy Labor Day, and happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s funny videos are about dogs in shoes and boots, since it’s Labor Day and all. Working people wear good boots. Puss in Boots? Please. Dogs in boots ROCK. Take a look. I’ll be honest – I get why some … Read more

Why Your Dog Needs a Duck

The duck and the dog - what frightens your dog?

Your dog needs a duck. Face it – you’ve been thinking this for a long time. I’m the only person brave enough to tell you straight up – your dog needs a duck. You might be asking yourself the question, “Does my dog really need a duck?” Friend, yes. And let me tell you why, … Read more

The Dog House, FBM 106

Celtic cross, tooled in leather

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Yesterday was our anniversary, me and the Hunny. Twenty three years with this man: It was a quiet day. No dog house for my Hunny. My gift to my Hunny was a purse. I went with him to Tandy Leather and picked out a shoulder so he could make me a … Read more

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