Big Dog Taste – Big Paw Jerky

Weimaraner eating a JNC Jerky

Why would a dog owner want to find and buy Jones Natural Chews jerky for their dog? Why not just buy dog jerky from the grocery store? I ask myself these questions on Tuesdays. I spent some time researching dog jerky this morning. Do you know what I found? Scary things. All involving chicken jerky … Read moreBig Dog Taste – Big Paw Jerky

Two Dogs Plus Two Bones = Jealousy

Sad dog

You would think that two dogs and two bones would equal two happy dogs. But nooooo – two dogs plus two bones = jealousy. Does this happen to you? One of the perks of being the Jones Natural Chews blogger is the treats. Mmm! Every month I get a box of dog chews in the … Read moreTwo Dogs Plus Two Bones = Jealousy

Dog Treat Preview

Patches and Lamb Lung Puffs

*SQUEEEE* UPS stopped at my house this morning with a box of dog treats! Next week I’m trying something a little different – LAMB! And this morning the box came. Are you ready? Are you? Because I’m going to do a dog treat preview! Next Tuesday – always Tasty Tuesday here at Jones Natural Chews … Read moreDog Treat Preview

Dogs Love Center Bones!

Tasha begs for a Bandit's Bone

I have real live proof that dogs love center bones! Suzy, at Jones Natural Chews, sent me a box of bones (I love getting bones in the mail), and a friend volunteered her three dogs to product test the center bones! Patty was my dorm RA my sophomore year of college, 27 years ago. That … Read moreDogs Love Center Bones!

Tasty Giveaway Tuesday

Yummy Jones Natural Chews Goodness

Woohoo! It’s a Tasty Giveaway Tuesday! I just LOVE giving things away, whether I’m mailing it from my house or having someone else ship it to you. Giving is so much fun! Today’s giveaway is a bone! Yes! Jones has two amazing bones, and we’ll be giving one of them away. I say one because … Read moreTasty Giveaway Tuesday

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