The Crown Knuckle Giveaway

Keeshond checking out a Jones Crown Knuckle

The Crown Knuckle is a prize among meaty treats! Crusty with meaty tidbits, hard, flavorful bone for lots of great gnawing time, irresistible to dogs! And today, we’re giving away a Crown Knuckle. Just what is a Crown Knuckle? I thought you’d never ask … The Crown Knuckle is a treat for a medium to … Read more

Disaster Relief on Tasty Tuesday

Thunder sky

My heart is breaking this morning. My neighbors just a hundred miles south are looking for their children, pets, parents. Oklahoma in spring is a fierce place to live. Tulsa seems to skirt the major tornadic activity, but our friends in Moore … am praying for the survivors. Today I should be talking about the … Read more

Making Dogs Smile

Talking Aussie

Every month I review two of Jones Natural Chews treats. It’s one of the most fun parts of my job, driving around town, treating my friends’ dogs, taking pictures with my little phone. I love it! I love making dogs smile. And every month I send Suzy an email asking to be sent the treats … Read more

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