Top 5 Treats for Puppies

Bandit Bone - great for gnawing puppies

It’s January. You’ve had that Christmas puppy for a couple of weeks now. It’s chewing just a little, but you know that cute bundle of fluff will be gnawing every sock/shoe/piece of furniture in sight before long if you don’t take proactive measure soon. That’s why I’ve put together the Top 5 Treats for Puppies! … Read more

Healthy Dogs Have Healthy Joints

Never get between a dog and his beef trachea

IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY, POP OVER AND ENTER SUGAR’S JONES GIVEAWAY! I’ve been surprised by the feedback on the Windees lately. Evidently many of you didn’t know that the Jones Windees naturally contain high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin, which makes for healthy joints, which makes for healthy dogs. I know that Windees isn’t our … Read more

A Four Dog Family

Don't you TOUCH my bone!

IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY, COMMENT ON YESTERDAY’S POST FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A HOLIDAY TREAT FROM JONES! I sometimes ask the question, “How many dogs are too many dogs?” I know that’s a personal question, so I mean it to be answered by individuals for themselves. For our family, two is enough. Two will … Read more

Jones Natural Chews November Giveaway!

A lounging dog

Yes, my title is the height of uncreative. Yes, my brain is still reeling from a ten day road trip and babies at every turn. But we’re still having a giveaway! It’s the first Tuesday of November (ALREADY?!?) and Jones is giving away one of two delicious, all natural, grown and made in the USA … Read more

Funny Bone Monday, 43

Sampling the all natural JNC Windee for quality assurance

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Or, as today will be known, Mullet Monday! That’s right cats and dogs – it’s business up front and party in the back! Business first. We have a winner for our Jones Chews treat, and it’s Theresa and Prudence at A Coonhound’s Tales! Congratulations, Prudence! Your mom will choose between an … Read more

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