4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool

Tired puppy

May is nearly over and summer has begun in much of the southern USA, at least weather-wise. Today we’re going to focus on four ways to keep your dog cool this summer. 1.  WATER WATER WATER – Seriously. You can’t give your dog enough water this time of year, regardless of how much time they spend … Read more4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool

Do Cats Like Dog Treats?

Chewy the Affen

Maybe you don’t all know this, but dogs LOVE cat treats. First, dogs will eat nearly anything. ANYTHING. Mine eat duck and chicken poop, for Pete’s sake. But do cat’s like dog treats? Cats, the finicky eaters of legend: Shoot, most cats barely eat their own food, much less dog treats. Our own Bosco, for … Read moreDo Cats Like Dog Treats?

Max’s Medley is Too Good

Taking a treat

You heard me. Max’s Medley is too good. I opened a bag before leaving for Blog Paws and took out a couple of treats for a friend’s dog. I came home to this: Hunny put the bag on my dresser after the fact. Evidently Chewy has zero self control when it comes to Jones Natural … Read moreMax’s Medley is Too Good

How Many Ingredients?

Bully Bone from Jones

I panicked this morning. There are no more letters in the alphabet or days in the month. It’s May! So instead of an alphabet challenge, someone suggested I write about numbers. So! How many ingredients are in YOUR favorite dog treat? I’m just going to run down a handful of our favorite Jones Natural Chews … Read moreHow Many Ingredients?

U is for Ugly, A to Z Challenge

Mouse killer!

You read that right – U is for Ugly. I love this A to Z Challenge. Lemme ‘splain the ugly. I have this theory – oh, I have plenty of theories – that people buy treats made in China and treats with unnatural ingredients because they’re PRETTY. They’re uniform and sanitized and attractive. People like … Read moreU is for Ugly, A to Z Challenge

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