What Lola Wants …


Have y’all met Lola? What Lola wants, Lola gets. Lola is my friend’s Schnoodle – a Schnauzer/Poodle mix. She’s a sweet, obedient little thing. And she LOVES Jones chews. I’ve told Lola’s adoption story here. You can click – it opens in a separate tab. Lola has been with this family since May and they’re … Read moreWhat Lola Wants …

Protecting My Assets, FBM 88

The Aussie does the blogging for me

Thank you all for the great advice! Both for traveling, and the basket. I’ll be looking for a new toy basket for Chewy. And I’ll be announcing the treat giveaway winner at the bottom of today’s post! Until then, let’s look at dogs protecting their assets. The first one Hunny found for me and I … Read moreProtecting My Assets, FBM 88

A Scary Story

An all natural treat

I have a scary story to tell y’all. The most horrifying thing happened last night. And this was the culprit: Chewy LOVES his toy basket. It’s filled with all kind of neat things, from squeaky toys to an old slipper to a million bones from Jones (the small ones are like dog LEGOS and just as … Read moreA Scary Story


Lumberjack dog jacket

I miss This’n’That Thursdays. The first This is to remind you that there’s still a giveaway happening at this post! Giving away a great bucket full of treats to some lucky dog. The deadline is tonight! The second this is this contest that Jones is part of. Help us win? I love giving things away, but … Read moreThis’n’That

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let sleeping dogs lie

I always struggle with lay and lie in a sentence. It’s tragic, really. So I think of the proverb, “Let sleeping dogs lie”, and it doesn’t help any. Yes, today we look at grammar. What is the rule for lay versus lie? We know that telling an untruth is a lie, but what about when … Read moreLet Sleeping Dogs Lie

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