P is for Pork, A to Z Challenge

Jones Pork Femur for dogs

I so badly wanted today to be P is for Poultry. But C was for chicken. So. Today’s P is for Pork! And Jones knows pork. Y’all, I think I’ve written more about the Jones chews in one month than ever, with this A to Z Challenge. Let’s see what Jones has to offer in … Read more

O is for Obvious, A to Z Challenge

You can't replace a pet - kiss your dog

It’s obvious that I blog for a dog treat company. Just look up at the header. ^^^ ┬áIt’s obvious that I should be writing about those treats every day, right? But I don’t. This is a blog, written five days a week, and I’m a playful otter, so I break things up with fun dog … Read more

3 Reasons My Puppy Loves the L Bone


You may be asking, “What the heck is an L Bone?” It’s a bone that’s shaped kinda like the letter L. But what makes it special? Why does my puppy love the L Bone? Here’s what Jones Natural Chews has to say about the bone, first. [quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]When you hit your funny bone you … Read more

Winner, Winner, Dog Treat Dinner! FBM 64

Affenpinscher monkey dog face

Winner, winner, dog treat dinner! Actually, dog treats are meant to be more like dessert. Does anyone else’s head hurt? Is the room spinning? Who else is angry at whoever decided daylight savings was a good idea? Grr. If I could beat up Ben Franklin … That winner, winner thing? It’s the theme of today’s … Read more

What Are You Giving Up For Lent?

An Aussie plays Yoda on the small screen

DID YOU ENTER OUR BEST TREAT GIVEAWAY EVER?!? You’re not giving up dog treats for Lent, are you? I mean, your dog’s not giving up treats? Because that would be so WRONG. But I’m sure if I were Slim Doggy I’d be telling some of you that you need to cut back on giving your … Read more

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