Making Dogs Smile

Talking Aussie

Every month I review two of Jones Natural Chews treats. It’s one of the most fun parts of my job, driving around town, treating my friends’ dogs, taking pictures with my little phone. I love it! I love making dogs smile. And every month I send Suzy an email asking to be sent the treats … Read more

Jampacked Jawzers Make Dogs SMILE!

Red and white bull terrier

Well that’s a cheesy title. But it’s true! Y’all, I forgot to post the winner of last week’s giveaway, so I apologize. Kirby the Dorkie is the winner! He has chosen the Jampacked Jawzers to give his little jaws a workout, as well as to keep his teeth and gums healthy and clean! Congratulations, Kirby! … Read more

Big Dog Taste – Big Paw Jerky

Weimaraner eating a JNC Jerky

Why would a dog owner want to find and buy Jones Natural Chews jerky for their dog? Why not just buy dog jerky from the grocery store? I ask myself these questions on Tuesdays. I spent some time researching dog jerky this morning. Do you know what I found? Scary things. All involving chicken jerky … Read more

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