Leftovers Day

Tiny Aussie, working dog for Labor Day

Today is officially Leftovers Day, yes? I declare it so. How many of you had pie for breakfast this morning? *hand waving wildly* How many of you gave the dog leftovers? *crickets* Good. Y’all, the rules for what you can and cannot feed your dogs have been floating around the internet for as long as … Read moreLeftovers Day

Road Trip!

Affenpinscher mutt

Forgive me, but I’m prepping for a major road trip, so I’m a little scattered. And nervous. This is Chewy’s first big road trip, and it’s a lot of driving, which I love. It’s also two weeks. Let me lay out the itinerary? Let me also say, my mom and her wee Honey Shih Tzu … Read moreRoad Trip!

Treats and Other Things

opening the Jones chews

My apologies for posting so late today. Christie, at Life With Beagle, posted a link to a New Yorker article on the FaceCrack this morning and I started reading. It’s long. But y’all will want to read it, too. The author details her adventures with five so-called Emotional Support Animals, highlighting how easy it is … Read moreTreats and Other Things

Dancing Dogs and Boo Buckets

Bow Wow Boo Bucket from Jones

Today we say goodbye/hello to the Boo Bucket. Goodbye because it’s the last Tasty Tuesday of the month, and hello because Halloween is next month! Your dog is going to need a Boo Bucket for trick or treating, you know. More importantly (did I just say that something is more important than a Boo Bucket?!), … Read moreDancing Dogs and Boo Buckets

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