Behind the Scenes

An Aussie plays Yoda on the small screen

Today I’m going to take you behind the scenes at Casa de Pulga. While I’ve been having fun writing about American Leopard Curs and all natural, grown and made in the USA treats, stuff has been happening here. IN MY HOUSE. Lookit – Yeah. That’s Scout. Do y’all remember Scout, the Affenpinscher, from a couple … Read more

The Braided Sticks from Jones Chews

Patient pups wait for treats

One of our two all-natural, grown and made in the USA treats this month is the Braided Stick. I had the pleasure, last night, of explaining, yet again, the true nature of the Bully Stick. This time it was an entire family gathered ’round and the jokes went on for awhile. See this post if … Read more

Of Pugs and Good Food for Dogs

Is that our new food?

HAVE YOU ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY?! TONIGHT IS THE DEADLINE! I’m still stuck in This’n’That Thursday mode – that blog hop really worked for me, so I’m going with it. Today I’d like to introduce those of you who don’t know them to the Idaho Pug Ranch gang. Here’s what they have to say about themselves: … Read more

Are You a Social Media Junkie?

Loving that underbite!

Are all dog bloggers – all bloggers – social media junkies? Being a social media junkie myself, I automatically want to plug all bloggers into that round hole. But some of us are square pegs, yes? So I’m asking the question, if you blog and are not actively involved with some other sort of social … Read more

Lambly Links, the All Natural Dog Candy!

Handsome senior German Shepherd

Looking for an all natural treat for your dog that won’t be too big or too small? Goldilocks would approve of the Lambly Links – they’re just right! Jones packages this meat treat in a cute candy box, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Do you give your dog gifts for holidays? The Lambly Links … Read more

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