Avoid an Overheated Dog 4 Ways

Going in for the kill

August, the hottest month of the year in the northern hemisphere. Also known as the Dog Days of Summer. This time of year is when you’re most likely to have an overheated dog. No one wants that. I think dogs are getting a bum rap. I mean, my poor dogs are just burning up in … Read more

A Brief History of Jones Natural Chews

It's a family business

Another question I asked myself when taking on this blog was, “Where on earth do I begin?” My Hunny reminded me that simple is always best. Start at the beginning! So today will be a little history lesson. Pop some popcorn and come along for the ride. Um, I’d like extra butter on mine, please. … Read more

Dog Chew Safety

Honey eats a treat

Yesterday we talked about Jones Natural Chews being 100% Made in the USA, as well as touching on the all natural element. I started this journey asking the question, “Why Jones Natural Chews?” Besides the obvious answer: Yeah, my babies, Australian shepherd mixes (and rescue pups), LOVE these chews. They’re particularly fond of the Windees, … Read more

Why Choose Jones Natural Chews?

Australian Shepherd

One of my questions, going into this whole dog treat blogging thing, was, “What makes Jones Natural Chews special? Different? Why would anyone choose their product over the gazillion others on the market?” Evidently this is a question JNC fields frequently. Let me tell you a story. A story about a woman and her dog. … Read more

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