Wordless Wednesday – NOT

Serenity collar by Darla Jane

It’s Wordless Wednesday. I’m not here today. I’m not. My mom (Honey and Gadget’s mom) is having a minor surgery this morning and I’m at the doctor’s with her. Oooooo. The mystery of the interwebs. It’s maaaaagic. 0.o So later today I’ll have the Honey Dog and the Gadget Dog at my place and for … Read moreWordless Wednesday – NOT

All Natural Dino Bone

A bone! A big bone!

When I say all natural Dino Bone, do you automatically think of a real dinosaur bone, dug up and made available for your dog? Me TOO! But that’s totally not what Jones Natural Chews sells, sadly. They just sell this: I KNOW! It’s the next best thing to a real dinosaur bone! Actually, it’s better. … Read moreAll Natural Dino Bone

Dog Whistle, FBM 110

Naughty Affenpinscher mix

Happy Funny Bone Monday, where our day is filled with funny dog videos! Today we look at dog whistles. And at the end of the post, I announce the winner of the Jones Natural Chews treats! I’ve always been a little skeptical of the dog whistle. But this first video convinced me. Chewy kept raising … Read moreDog Whistle, FBM 110


Keep Calm and Bark On

Y’all, this has been a fun week for blogging. Thanks for coming along for the ride! Today I just have some reminders for everyone. Tonight our treat giveaway ends! So head here and leave a comment for a chance to win either the Wuv U treats or the Dino Bone! It’ll make your dog smile … Read moreReminders

Darla Jane’s Giveaway

Snoopy dog collar

Another giveaway?!? Yes, there’s still a treat giveaway running, so pop this window open and head there next! But for now, check out Darla Jane’s collar giveaway! You’re only going to see it here. Darla Jane is an adorable French Bulldog who lives in Somerset, Pennsylvania. She romps with a pack of Frenchies and is … Read moreDarla Jane’s Giveaway

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